Understanding Effective Waitlist Pages

Digital Course Academy waitlist page – Avatar call out


Well will you look at that… It’s an Amy Porterfield clean sweep…

I love following a launch from start to finish. So much happens before that first bit of pre-launch content is released. Here we see the waitlist for the Digital Course Academy page.

Amy has more detail than is commonly seen on a waitlist page. Remember that Amy has lots of launch reps and conversion data to work with. If you are starting out recommend keeping it simple.

One feature of the waitlist page that I want to focus on is the Avatar call out.

Every online business owner should have a well developed and accurate Avatar call out.

Most online businesses will have 3-4 specific segments within their target market. These are the people who will gain the most from working with you or which you help most frequently. 

The model Amy uses is simple but effective.

  • If you are a specific person
  • Who has this specific problem
  • And your dream is
  • Then this is for you 

Why not take 5 minutes for the following exercise:

  1. Identify the 3-4 key avatar segments within your business
  2. Idenitfy the biggest pain point for each segment
  3. Identify the common dream for each segment

Your online business is the answer to the question: 

  • How do you help each segment eliminate their biggest pain and make their dreams come true?

Quiz Opt-in Page: Inside a Quiz to Launch Strategy

Quiz Opt-in Page: Inside a Quiz to Launch Strategy


The countdown is on to one of the big launches in the Online Course world. Amy Porterfield is limbering up for her Digial Course Academy Launch. What a great time to be a launch voyeur!

Closer to the launch, Amy will likely use a traditional pre-launch opt-in. But, for now, her list-building efforts are focused on her “Discover Your Ambition Archetype” quiz.

Archetype or Type is one of the 3 (and possibly most common) quiz types.

  • Type
  • Killer
  • Score

Amy has followed the Ask Method to the tee with this quiz and uses as her quiz builder.

Some key takeaways:

  • Immediately your eyes are drawn to “Free Quiz” across the top. As quizzes are still a relative novelty for front-end users, the combination of Free and Quiz is strong.
  • One of the strongest trigger lines on the page is “Discover Your Ambition Archetype” – Discover is one of my favorite opt-in page words. It builds curiosity and intrigue. Most entrepreneurs are “ambition” and competitive-focused, which will pique their interest. We love finding out how we fit into the world, which is why Archetypes are so powerful. 
  • Ready to get clear on exactly how you can make more cash, impact, and space to do what you love, your way? Amy touches directly on the 2 of the 3 freedoms here with Financial and Time. Impact is also closely related to the 3rd freedom, which is lifestyle. 
  • An interesting question to ask is do we really want impact for what it does for others or do we want “impact” for how it makes us feel about our own significance. (Could be a good one to journal on!) 

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