The one Meta ad objective you should never use for profitable ad campaigns (and what to use instead)

Here's what we have for you today

A villain lurks in plain sight.

Ready to steal ad spend from advertisers that don’t know better.

Promising cheap clicks that make your ad metrics look good.

But their only purpose is to burn your cash and give you nothing in return.

If you run Meta ads to grow your online course, membership, or service business…

Or, an agency runs them for you…

There is one ad objective you never want to see inside your ad campaigns.

The Meta Ad Objective You Should Never Use

Avoid the traffic objective at all costs.

In all my years of advertising online, I’ve never found a good use case for the traffic objective. Sure, traffic campaigns will send lots of people to your website. But Meta shows your ads to people who like to click links, not people who opt-in for lead magnets or buy digital products online.

You’d be better off taking your hard-earned cash and lighting a bonfire with it in your back garden. 

Here are 3 objectives to use instead:

#1 The Video View Objective

You can build some exciting campaigns based on the video view objective.

Launch a series of videos optimized 15-second views. Build custom audiences based on view percentages and retarget your most engaged viewers with ads for your lead magnet or offer. 

This strategy works especially well for new accounts where Meta doesn’t have a lot of pixel

#2 The Lead Objective

Use the lead objective if you want people to opt in for your lead magnet.

I often see new advertisers try to trick Meta into getting a lower cost per lead by using the traffic objective. This method always backfires. There is a problem with cheap traffic – it’s low intent, cheap traffic!

Don’t try to outsmart Meta. 

#3 The Sales Objective

If your ultimate goal is to generate sales within 5-7 days, even if the first step is free opt-in, use the sales objective.

The sales objective targets Meta’s highest-value users – people who have made or are likely to make a purchase online. Yes, you will pay a higher cost per lead for these people. But, they will be more likely to buy your digital product, which will lead to a higher return on ad spend.

Because all that matters is your return on ad spend.

For all my gripes, Meta has built a phenomenal advertising platform. 

Don’t try to outsmart it or trick it.

Tell Meta the action you what you and they will deliver the people who are most likely to take that action.

Happy advertising.

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