How a membership changed my life

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Back in 2015, my business was exhausting.

Every evening I shut the door, I knew I’d have to wake up and make more sales the next day. 

I was like a hunter going from kill to kill.

Sure, I had repeat clients, but I was continuously in sales mode.

That was until the day I launched my first membership.

That launch changed my life. 

And I’ve seen hundreds of my students and clients experience the same feeling when they launched their membership or subscription. 

Here’s why I believe memberships are the best way to grow your revenue and your profitability.

#1 Experience the joy of recurring revenue

There is no greater joy than selling once and getting paid over and over.

Recurring revenue gives you cash flow stability, certainty, and confidence. And even more importantly, it’s compounding. Every subscription or membership launch adds new sales to your past sales, which triggers compunding.

Compounding is the most powerful force you can harness in your business.

#2 Stop leaving money on the table

For every 100 people who buy from you, 20 would be happy to spend 5 times more.

This is the 80/20 law applied to sales. Most businesses don’t have a continuation offer to make to people willing to spend more. A membership or subscription is the perfect backend offer, increasing your customer lifetime value and your profitability.

With a membership or subscription, you always have a next-step offer for your best clients.

#3 Build a community around your business 

Community is the new hot topic in marketing and business growth.

There is no better way to build a community than around a membership or subscription. Not only is a community attractive for existing clients, but it will also bring new prospects into your world. So, your membership will act as a lead generation machine for your existing business.

Your clients are looking for a space to belong; give it to them.

I believe memberships today are to business, what websites were in the 1990’s.

Very few businesses have one…. 

….early adopters make a killing.

….and soon, every business will have one.

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