How To Drive More High-Quality Leads With Google Ads

Remember, Facebook Ads aren’t the only option for Lead Generation. Yes, Google Ads may be more expensive. But as the leads have shown proactive intent by searching for the keyword you target very often, the leads are of higher quality. Here is a guide showing you how to drive more high-quality leads with Google Ads.

Are you buying the Facebook Ad dip?

Facebook ad costs have dipped from late June to early July. This is on top of the already favorable conditions experienced in June. So let’s make hay while the sun shines! 

  • CPMs -11.38%
  • CPCs: -8.52%
  • Cost Per Purchase: -7.76%


Find out what TikTok thinks you’re interested in?

Want to see what TikTok thinks you are interested in? Ever wonder why you see the ads you do? Well, now you can see (and control) the categories for which TikTok serves you ads. Open the app and go Profile > Settings and Privacy > Privacy > Ads Personalisation > How your ads are personalized.

Instagram v TikTok – The battle rages

Instagram has more “power users” logging in daily, but TikTok users spend longer per day. A study by Sensor Tower shows that 39% of Instagram users log in daily (that blows my mind). TikTok falls behind, with just 29% of its users logging in daily. However, in “time spent on the app,” TikTok users spend on average 1.5 hours per day, almost double that of Facebook and Instagram.

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