Digital Course Academy waitlist page – Avatar call out


Well will you look at that… It’s an Amy Porterfield clean sweep…

I love following a launch from start to finish. So much happens before that first bit of pre-launch content is released. Here we see the waitlist for the Digital Course Academy page.

Amy has more detail than is commonly seen on a waitlist page. Remember that Amy has lots of launch reps and conversion data to work with. If you are starting out recommend keeping it simple.

One feature of the waitlist page that I want to focus on is the Avatar call out.

Every online business owner should have a well developed and accurate Avatar call out.

Most online businesses will have 3-4 specific segments within their target market. These are the people who will gain the most from working with you or which you help most frequently. 

The model Amy uses is simple but effective.

  • If you are a specific person
  • Who has this specific problem
  • And your dream is
  • Then this is for you 

Why not take 5 minutes for the following exercise:

  1. Identify the 3-4 key avatar segments within your business
  2. Idenitfy the biggest pain point for each segment
  3. Identify the common dream for each segment

Your online business is the answer to the question: 

  • How do you help each segment eliminate their biggest pain and make their dreams come true?
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