AI Prompt for Course Creators to Draft Your Unique Value Proposition

Learn how to leverage AI prompts to define what sets your course apart and attract your ideal audience. Dive into expert insights and a step-by-step guide on using AI to create compelling value propositions tailored to your target market's needs and preferences.
AI Prompt for Course Creators to Draft Your Unique Value Proposition

AI Prompt Purpose:

Get AI to draft your unique value proposition.

If there is one thing that I’ve seen online business owners struggle with the most, it’s defining their unique value proposition.

A unique value proposition is the reason someone should buy from you over anyone else.

And it isn’t just when it comes to making a purchase. This also applies to your lead magnets.

What makes you different? What makes your lead magnet different? 

And, most importantly, why is that difference in value for your perfect fit client?

So, let’s ask our AI buddy for a bit of assistance.

For best results, use this prompt in a CustomGPT that has all of your marketing copy and content.

AI Prompt Outline:

Prompt 1

Please create a summary of my landing page that {purpose of landing page (helps people x,y,z)}

My primary avatar is {insert primary avatar description}

The outcome that my primary avatar will be able to achieve is {outcome after taking action}

Here is the copy from the landing page:

{landing page copy}

Prompt 2

Please write a detailed and unique value proposition for the outcome promised.

It must reflect the offer or elements in the summary of the landing page that you supplied in the previous chat. 

Please use everything that you know about my avatar to make my unique value proposition relevant and engaging for my avatar.

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