Who Is Mícheál O’Neill

Hi, I'm Mícheál

My name is Mícheál O’Neill, and I help experts, coaches, and thought leaders transform their knowledge and expertise into a profitable, leveraged, impact-driven, online business.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and you’re looking for proven, time-tested ways to launch, scale and leverage an online business that you love while building the life of your dreams, and creating the impact in the world that only you can have, then you’re in the right place.

The only thing that I love more than business building and direct response marketing are my two adorable daughters (age 6 & 4) and my amazing (and wonderfully patient) wife (age undisclosed!). Everything I do in business is to enable me to create and share remarkable experiences with them, to explore and discover together all the wonders that the world has to offer.

Entrepreneurship and business building has always been in my blood.

From my first business selling bundles of fertilizer bags from our farm to a local fuel merchant, my early school years selling ice pops to my classmates at lunchtime, through to making a 75% mark up on selling singles from a pack of 20 in highschool (fully legal but not something I now realize wasn’t in anyone’s best interest!)  My college years saw me branch into many different money-making schemes when at 21 I started my first official business,

In fact, by 23, I had become the largest single provider of Start Your Business Courses in Ireland, providing training to thousands of entrepreneurs on behalf of  state agencies mandated on behalf of the Government to foster entrepreneurship in Ireland.

Working with my brother, I took the consultancy and training business we started when I was 21 from start-up to multi-million-dollar business, in a tiny professional niche, building a team of 25 along the way. When we realized that our business model would limit our future growth, we began the process of migrating from a traditional bricks-and-mortar business to a scalable, leveraged, online knowledge business.

In a few years, we built our recurring annual membership and information product revenue from 0 to just shy of $1,500,000. Through this process, I fell in love with the beautiful simplicity of the online business model. Everywhere I looked, I saw opportunities for business owners to take all that I had learned and not just create a better life for themselves, their family, their team but to create an even bigger impact by reaching a wider audience and leveraging the business model to create even more profound transformation in those they reach.


When I realized that I could no longer contain my passion for helping people build online businesses, I took the painful decision to exit the company I started. I now dedicate myself to my mission of helping experts, coaches, and thought leaders, transform their knowledge and expertise into a profitable, leveraged, impact-driven, online business.

And I would love to do that with you.