How To Figure Out If People Want Your Digital Product Before You Invest Time and Money Developing It

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You have an idea for an online course or membership, but what if nobody buys it?

The last thing you want to do is invest valuable time, effort, and money in creating a program that no one buys.

I’ve helped hundreds of people launch their first online course and membership.

And this is the process I’ve used to help them to quickly figure out if their audience wants their digital product before they build it.

It’s called a founding member’s launch, and it’s the best way to profitably launch your first digital product without wasting money on building something people don’t want.

Here are 3 steps to deliver your founding member’s launch: 

Create your online course or membership outline.

Start by outlining the key modules of your course or your membership success path.

People need to know that you have a proven path they can follow. Your outline is the roadmap to their desired destination. You wouldn’t jump on a ship with a captain who didn’t know where they were going, nor would your audience.

Each step on the journey should be clear and should excite your audience.

Identify the transformation you can help people achieve

Next, describe your audience’s life when they implement your digital product.

What will they see, hear, do, and feel differently than they do today? While you can launch a digital product before you build it, you need to know your process works, and it will get them the results they want. Your job is to describe what the result looks like in the life of someone who has implemented your digital product.

Steps 1 and 2 are the foundation of your offer.

Offer access at a special founding members rate.

The final step is to launch our founding member offer.

Be clear with your audience that you intend to build the digital product with your founding members. Position it as a positive that you will seek their feedback and create content to answer their questions. In addition, they also get access to your course or membership at a much lower rate than people who buy in the future.

The founding member launch is a win-win all around.

Never invest in building a program before you find out if people want it.

Not alone could it be a giant waste of time, effort, and money.

But, it’s also doing a disservice to your students.

When you “build with” your founding members, you will discover many challenges and problems you never knew existed.

Using a founding member launch helps build a stronger digital product that will help future members achieve an even greater result faster.

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