Facebook Ad Optimization: Reviewing Effective Quiz Ads


If you launch a Quiz you will need traffic at scale. 

Before I dive into one of Amy’s ads, jump over to the Facebook Ad Library and look at the scale of the campaign that Amy has launched.

Amy has 17 Ad variations running for her Quiz. Some of these ads appear 35 times across different campaigns and ad sets. 

There is a mix of medium and long-form ad copy centered around 2-3 key themes. 

These are matched with static and video creatives. 

If you study the copy and creative, you realize you don’t need lots of ideas. 

You just need 2-3 strong ideas and then iterate to produce many ad variations.

This is especially important if you are running a time condensed campaign for something like a launch where you have a large budget being spent over a relatively short period of time.

Some key takeaways:

  • Amy grabs attention with “New Quiz!” Emojis are a great way to catch people’s eyes in ads. 
  • Straight away Amy calls out her primary avatar, which is a corporate professional looking to start an online business. “allergic to a “typical” career path”. 
  • After grabbing their attention Amy connects with their fears and the internal nagging voice that exists within the head of her avatar. “Moving up in WHOSE world”
  • Then she moves into connecting with their dreams – “creating a business and life that aligns with your values”
  • She then links the outcome people want to the quiz.
  • Take a few minutes to answer this 7-question quiz and get to know which of the 4 Ambition Archetypes you are. Few minutes – 7-questions – 4 Ambition Archetypes. Gets specific, makes it feel quick, and makes it feel easy. Remember the value formula – Accentuate the primary promise, guarantee the outcome, reduce the time to attainment and reduce the effort required.
  • Study the fascination bullet points. In fact take 5 minutes now, grab a note pad and write these out. Often we feel compelled to tell people what they need to do or what they will get. Notice the way Amy creates real curiosity and teases the outcome without giving any real detail.

✅ How your natural strengths nudge you towards the business style you’ll be most successful at⁣

✅ One potential setback based on your archetype that might nip at your Achilles heel on the journey to business and lifestyle freedom 

✅ Other leaders, makers, and status-quo-shakers that share your archetype and prove that a business outside the status quo is not only possible, it’s worth getting uncomfortable for 

✅ What to do next to leverage all of the above, lean into your archetype, and take a flying leap towards the specific lifestyle you’re dreaming of⁣

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