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L – Leads

Mobile Optimization

Up to 80% of visitors to your opt-in pages will be on mobile.


If you want to succeed online today, you’ve gotta think mobile first. 


I’ve been banging on about this for years.


But this is the first time I’ve seen a double hero.


When I landed on Jenna’s (desktop) opt-in page, my first thought was… boy this is cluttered.


It wasn’t until I switched to mobile view that I saw the genius of what she had done.

Mobile Optimization

The top banner of the desktop page becomes the mobile above the fold section complete with.

  • Headline
  • Body Copy
  • CTA
  • Image
  • Scarcity (Countdown timer)


And then when the visitor scrolls, they have a second hero section.


One thing that stands out when looking at the desktop version is how little space you have on mobile.


Looks like we all better get good at saying a lot with as few words as possible!


Opt-in Page Swipe Files


A – A.I. Growth Prompts

Prompt Objective:


Last week, you used ChatGPT to help you create a high-converting lead magnet from a long-form video.


This week, we’ll use ChatGPT to help draft the lead magnet opt-in page copy for your lead magnet.


Prompt Outline:


Step 1 – Upload your lead magnet


Select ChatGPT 4 > Advanced Data Analysis


In the message dialogue box, hit the plus sign and upload the lead magnet file.


Then, enter the prompt below:


Here is the content of my Lead Magnet. 


Please confirm that you can read and understand the uploaded file from start to finish. 


In the following conversation, I will ask you to help me create content based on the contents of this document.


Don’t take any action yet. Please just study the content of the lead magnet.


Step 2 – Opt-in page structure




Thank you.

I want you to act as an expert direct-response copywriter.


I want you to draft marketing copy for a high-converting opt-in page.


Your goal is to write copy that gets the maximum number of people to opt in for the lead magnet. 


Please ensure that all copy aligns with the content of the lead magnet.


The opt-in page has five key sections:


Headline – (7 words approx)

Sub headline (12 words approx)

Body Copy (1 paragraph + 3-4 fascination bullet points)

Call To Action (3-5 words)

Image (please suggest an appropriate image)


Your copy should instantly answer the following questions for someone who visits the page – 

Why should I pay attention to this?

Why is this important to me?

How will my life improve if I opt for this lead magnet?


Draft the copy in a friendly, human voice.

Ensure all copy passes A.I. detection tests.

Match the voice, tone, and language from the lead magnet.

Draft your copy at a 6th-grade or below level.


Please draft three versions of the opt-in page copy based on the above criteria.


Step 3 – Refinement




Keeping the copy aligned with the lead magnet uploaded at the start of the conversation, please redraft three versions in the style, tone, and structure of Eugene Schwartz.

Repeat as often as you like, changing the name of the copywriter. Here are some suggestions:

  • Gary Halbert
  • David Ogilvy
  • Todd Brown
  • Brian Kurtz
  • John Charlton
  • Ray Edwards
  • Jim Edwards
  • Russel Brunson
  • Jeff Walker
  • Stu McLaren


U – Uplevel Ads 

Persuasive Facebook Ad

Is launching a successful Podcast as easy as 3 Simple Steps?


No, of course, it isn’t, but if most people knew how hard it was, they would never try.


Is Jenna a “bad person” for painting a podcast launch much easier than it is?


No. Not at all. She knows how powerful a podcast can be in driving online business growth.


Her job is to convince as many people as possible to launch a podcast so they can have the same growth she has.


And how do you do that? You make it seem effortless.


You break it down into simple steps and give people what they want: a silver bullet.


Her job is to get people to take just one step. 


One step forward toward their ultimate goal. One step into Jenna’s world.


Because once they are in Jenna’s world, she can help them take the next step.


Create a framework, give people simple steps, and show them the shortcut.


To get them to take their first step, make it feel effortless and guarantee their success.


 Facebook Ads Swipe File


N – Now Launching

offer page template

Speaking of keeping things simple.


Here is an offer page hero template for your next launch. 


Introducing Your Complete A-Z {Your Topic} Roadmap


Get my proven, 5-step stress-busting system to {primary outcome} in just 30 days.


I love the phrase “5-step stress-busting” so much alliteration and consonance.


 Sales Page Swipe Files


C – Conversion Optimization

Do you struggle to turn leads into sales?


Maybe you are struggling to attract leads, to begin with.


The key to success with Facebook Ads lies in Funnel Optimization.


Here are 5 simple steps to reduce your cost per lead and cost per acquisition


Step 1 – Identify your audience’s pain points and desires. You have to solve a #1 top-of-mind pain point. Perry Marshall calls this finding the “bleeding neck”. People will pay anything to solve a bleeding neck problem.


Step 2 – Create an offer that promises to solve their #1 pain point. Once you understand your audience’s #1 pain point, create an offer that guarantees to fix it for them and lead them to the ultimate goal they seek.


Step 3 – Optimize landing pages for conversions. Your headlines are key. Be specific, concise, and compelling. Call out a massive pain they want to avoid or a goal they want to achieve. The rest of your copy provides proof you can help them do it. 


Step 4 – Make it easy to take the next step. Your funnel should feel like a logical set of steps on your perfect-fit client’s journey to their ultimate goal. Every step should feel like the logical next step for them to take. Bring them on a journey to success.


Step 5 – The profit is in the follow-up. Email marketing is the key to profitable customer acquisition. Yes, I’m a Facebook ads guy, but most of my client’s profits are made through a carefully planned and optimized follow-up email sequence.

H – Hot Take


hmmmmm…..what are you optimizing for?



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