High-Converting Opt-in Page Headlines ChatGPT Prompt


Prompt Part 1:

I want you to act as an expert direct-response copywriter.

I am going to ask you to draft a series of high-converting opt-in page headlines.

The opt-in page is requesting people to sign up for this lead magnet:


{Upload lead magnet}.

Please don’t take any action yet. Simply review the lead magnet and get ready for further prompts.

Prompt Part 2:

The target audience for this lead magnet is:


{Describe your target audience here}

The primary promise of lead magnet is: 

{What is the main benefit or outcome that your lead magnet provides?}

Here are your instructions:

Research the key pain points and desired transformation of the target audience.

Generate at least 25 opt-in page headlines in a variety of formats, using the following formulas:

Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS): Identify a problem or challenge that the target audience is facing, agitate it to make them feel the pain more acutely, and then offer your lead magnet as the solution.

Before-After-Bridge (BAB): Describe the target audience’s current situation (before), paint a picture of their desired future state (after), and then introduce your lead magnet as the bridge that will help them get from one to the other.

Intrigue-Curiosity-Gap (ICG): Start with a statement that piques the target audience’s curiosity, then introduce a gap in their knowledge or understanding, and finally offer your lead magnet as the way to fill that gap.

Testimonial-Guarantee-Call to Action (TGC): Share a testimonial from a satisfied customer, offer a guarantee to reduce risk, and then include a strong call to action.

Scarcity-Urgency-Limited Time Offer (SUL): Create a sense of urgency by emphasizing the limited availability of your lead magnet or the time-sensitive nature of the offer.


Make sure your headlines are relevant to your target audience and the lead magnet you are offering.

Speak directly to the audience, highlighting their fears, challenges, frustrations, dreams, desires and ambitions.

Use strong, persuasive language that will grab attention and generate curiosity.

Be specific about the benefits and outcomes that your lead magnet provides.

Use a variety of headline formats to keep your audience engaged.

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