Facebook Lookalike Audiences – How to scale your business


Wish you could clone your best customers…so you can scale your online course or membership business? Well here are 3 simple steps to do just that with Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Scaling your ad campaigns shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. How does Facebook lookalike audience work? With Lookalike Audiences, you tap into Facebook’s AI to find users who look most like your current customers. Here are Facebook lookalike audience best practices to help you get started today!

Step 1 for Creating lookalike audiences on Facebook

Define your “source audience.” Export your customers list. The more detail you have the better. Include purchase value amount as well as their contact details. This helps Facebook identify and prioritize them based on their spend.

Step 2 for Creating lookalike audiences on Facebook

Create your Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Upload your customer list as a custom audience. Once uploaded select your custom audience and create a lookalike audience. A lookalike is a certain percentage of a selected population that looks most like your customer list.

Step 3 for Creating lookalike audiences on Facebook

Launch your Campaign. Your Lookalike audience is based on customers but it is a cold audience. They may not know you, your solution or even the problem you solve. Bring them on a journey and give them everything they need to commit to taking action.

In general Facebook Lookalike audiences may not be as powerful as they once were. Having said that in our client accounts we are still getting high ROAS from value based Lookalike audiences. This is one of our go to audiences that we test in every campaign we launch.



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