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L – Latest News

Facebook gets a big ‘Nein!’ from EU court on data privacy and ads

Turns out, using people’s personal data for targeted ads requires more than just a “legitimate interest” excuse. Read this blog post to witness the not-so-friendly face of legal setbacks in the data-hungry world of social media.

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Google Ads has unleashed new brand controls for Search and Performance Max campaigns

Finally, you can keep your ads away from those sketchy websites and dodge the embarrassment of showing up where you don’t belong. It’s like being the bouncer of your own ad club!

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Twitter’s block party left Google with a major FOMO crisis!

With a whopping 52% fewer Twitter URLs in Google’s index, it’s a digital disappearance that makes you wonder if the tweets are playing hide-and-seek or just taking a vacation from the search engine spotlight.

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ChatGPT Prompt of the Week


Prompt Objective: 


Lead2Launch ChatGPT Facebook Ad Drafting Prompt Series – Step 7


Continue in the same chat as Step 5.


Today’s prompt is: 


Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert Facebook Media Buyer. 


Based on the details provided in the above posts please suggest the best campaign structure and audiences for our facebook ad campaign.

Latest A.I. Tools

Say goodbye to hours of editing and hello to mind-blowingly simple video creation.

Just toss in your blog article URL, and Fliki will whip up a fabulous video in 2 minutes flat, complete with human-like voices, stunning visuals, and even branded subtitles. It’s like having a magical video-making genie in your pocket, without needing a credit card.

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The sassy sidekick that turns your boring spreadsheets into witty conversations.

Just upload your CSV, ask anything, and prepare to be entertained while gaining insights. It’s the data party your spreadsheets have been waiting for, so join now and let the fun (and charts) begin!

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Get ready to automate your way to sales success and watch those leads roll in like a boss.

Say goodbye to mind-numbing Google searches and let GPT do the dirty work of researching your leads, while answering all your burning questions like a sassy AI detective.

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U – Uplevel Ads 

Let’s take a look at a Marie Forleo ad driving people to a Quiz.


Quiz Funnels remain one of the cheapest ways to attract leads at scale.


The downside is they can take longer to get converting and to start seeing results.


One of the best ways to catch people’s attention is through identifying their pain points.


Marie does a great job in the open hook of this ad. 


I think most of us business owners can relate to these pain points at some stage in our growth.


I love how Marie puts a label on the problem she is solving – “Time Stress”.


Time management has limited appeal. Everyone talks about stress.


But time stress feels like an entirely new concept. 


How can youinnovatively label the problem you solve?


I love the clean yellow backed image. Just 13 words and an image of Marie. 


Definitely one to try in your next campaign.


Swipe Files:

N – Now Launching


Let’s take a look at a Marie Forleo Quiz opt-in page.


The Quiz is a lead generator for her Time Genius Program that launches in September.


This isn’t Marie’s best copy.


“Are bad habits costing you massive cash” doesn’t flow smoothly.


On the positive side:

  • Questions make great headlines. We are conditioned to answer questions even if they are asked on paper. This instantly starts a conversation in your visitors head.
  • The headline uses loss aversion. This is the strongest motivator for people. 
  • I love how Marie has come up with a way of calculating a dollar amount for the what your bad habits are costing you. If you’re bad habits cost you $20,000 a year and Marie has a course for $2,000 that will stop your bad habits of course you will buy it.
  • Learn how to EARN more by working LESS – Increasing primary promise – decreasing work required to get it. This formula works.


Swipe Files:


C – Conversion

Are your Facebook ad campaigns underperforming? 


You’re not alone. 


90% of Facebook ads lose money.  


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


You can run profitable Facebook. Here are some simple steps to get you started:  


Let’s face it, running Facebook ads can be frustrating. But, with the right strategy, you can create a successful campaign that attracts leads and makes sales. 

The first step to a successful Facebook ad campaign is to target the right audience. Research your target audience’s pain points, interests, and behaviors. Then, create an ad that speaks directly to their pain and their goals.


The second step is to create an attention-grabbing headline that instantly captures your audience’s attention. Make sure your headline is specific, outcome-orientated, and unique. You have to tell them the benefit of taking action. What’s in it for them.


The third and final step is to optimize your landing page. Your starting target should be a 40% on-page conversion rate. Ensure your landing page message matches your ad, is mobile-friendly, and has a clear and compelling call to action.


To sum up, running a successful Facebook ad campaign takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. Target the right audience, create an attention-grabbing headline, and optimize your landing page. Start small and keep improving. You’ve got this! 



H – Hot Take


FAANG is dead….Long live MOANA





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