The 3 lead levels and the one you need to profitability grow your online business fast

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I’ve been talking about lead generation for years, but I’ve just realized something.

I’ve never defined what a lead is.

Or worse still, the type of lead you need to grow your online course or membership fast.

Over the past few years, I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of leads.

But all leads are not equal.

So here are the 3 lead levels and the one you need to focus on.

Level 1 Leads – A person you can contact

A lead is anyone you can contact directly.

This means everyone in your phone book, friends on Facebook, and followers on Instagram. When you first launch an online course or membership, these people can be invaluable. But it’s impossible to scale an online business based on these people alone.

And remember, not all contacts are equal: phone no. > email address > social follower.

Level 2 Leads – An engaged lead

The next level up is an engaged lead.

Engaged leads have interacted with you and expressed interest in you and your content. These are people actively seeking a solution to a problem they have. These will typically be people who have given you their email address in exchange for a lead magnet.

Engaged leads are a step up from Level 1 leads, but they aren’t what you want.

Level 3 Leads – An engaged perfect fit lead

Finding engaged, perfect fit leads is the key to quickly scaling your online course or membership business.

Perfect fit leads aren’t just looking for a solution to a problem. They know, understand, and want “your solution” to their problem. They also have an urgent motivation to take action and solve the problem right now.

Every lead generation action you take is to find and cultivate these people.

Anytime I’ve seen lead generation go wrong, it’s because online business owners have generated too many Level 2 leads.

Every lead is valid. No one signs up for a lead magnet without some level of interest.

But if you want people to hit your list and buy, you need to focus on Level 3 leads.

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