Your 3-part leverage triangle defining AI prompt

Your 3-part leverage triangle defining AI prompt


Leverage is one of the keys to getting people to take action.

Leverage can be used for good and for bad.

In the LAUNCH NOW Framework, we only use leverage to get people to take the actions they know they need to.

The best way to understand leverage is by spending time face-to-face with your perfect-fit client.

But often, that is not possible. For the times that it isn’t, then ChatGPT can be the next best thing.

Here is a 3 part prompt to start building your Leverage Triangle.

Prompt Objective:

To identify our perfect-fit clients’ key pain points and desires and create the circumstances necessary for them to take action and move toward their goals.  

Prompt Outline:

All 3 prompts should be entered one at a time into the same chat. 

Prompt 1: 

I want you to be an expert customer profiler and direct response marketer.

I will ask you to identify my perfect-fit client’s primary pain points and desires so I can draft compelling copy for my marketing and sales funnels.

My avatar are {insert avatar description}

I help them {insert description of what you help them achieve}

What are the top 5 pain points that keep my perfect-fit clients awake at night?

Prompt 2: 

If my perfect-fit client does not take action and solve their primary pain point, what will their life and business look like in 10 years?

Prompt 3: 

If my perfect-fit client takes action and solves their primary pain point, what will their lives look like in 10 years?

I completed this prompt series in ChatGPT, Claude-2, Gemini-Pro (Bard) and LLaMA. Here is how I ranked their outputs:

  1. Claude-2
  2. ChatGPT
  3. LLaMA
  4. Gemini-Pro
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