3 reasons why most online course and membership launches fail (and simple steps you can take to guarantee a profitable launch)

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In 2015, I launched my first digital product.

I immediately became obsessed with why some launches work and others don’t.

I couldn’t figure out why one launch would crush it and the other launch flop, especially when they both followed the same framework.

Having delivered and advised on over 100 launches and generated over $10 million in online sales, I’ve discovered the 3 primary reasons why launches fail….

….and what you can do to make sure your next launch is profitable.

Reason 1 – A weak offer

80% of your launch results come down to your offer.

Weak offers focus on the course or membership leader, content and deliverables.

A strong offer promises to eradicate your audience’s biggest pain point and help them achieve their dream outcome in the shortest time frame with the least amount of work.

Reason 2 – Low audience engagement

When managing my client’s launch expectations, the first thing I do is look at their audience engagement.

If you have a large hot list, you’re going to make sales irrespective of your marketing and offer. If you have a small cold list, you will struggle to make sales no matter what you do.

Your launch results will be directly proportional to how you show up for your audience when you aren’t launching.

Reason 3 – Pre-launch content and marketing misalignment

Even with the best offer and audience in the world, success isn’t guaranteed.

Your pre-launch content and marketing has to align with your audience and the offer you’re about to make.

Alignment with your audience comes from showing them you understand their pain, fears, frustrations, dreams, goals, and ambitions.

Your offer should feel like the logical next step after people have completed your pre-launch workshop. Your job is to make it easy for them to say yes.

There are a lot of moving parts in a launch.

It’s a complex process but the upside potential makes it all worth it.

Launch success doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s a process, but as long as you keep working on these three elements, you will get there.

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