My top 5 lead generation funnels for digital product owners and service providers who want to grow their business online

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When I started my first business, I believed it was incredibly complex.

After more than 20 years running successful 6 and 7-figure businesses, I see things differently.

I now see that all business activities fall into managing just 3 key categories.

And my job, every day, is to optimize one or other of these categories.

The 3 categories are – Leads, Sales & Fulfillment.

One of the reasons I love helping people build funnels online is that it helps them work on two of the big three categories: leads and sales.

Here are my top 5 funnels ranked from easiest to most complex to implement.

#1 – Meta Lead Ad Funnel

I love Meta lead ads if you’re getting started in lead generation.

Your leads submit their details via a form on Facebook or Instagram. This means you don’t need to worry about landing or thank you pages. Simply hook your Meta business manager to your email platform, and you’re off to the races.

#2 – Lead Magnet Funnel

The next step up is a standard lead manget funnel.

Here, you drive traffic from Meta or Google ads to an opt-in page offering a lead magnet. Your leads submit their details through a form on the landing page, which triggers a delivery and engagement sequence in your email platform.

#3 – Book A Call Funnel

If you need to speak to a prospect before they make a purchase, the book-a-call funnel is perfect for you.

I like to drive traffic to a lead magnet opt-in page and then give people the opportunity to book a call on the thank you page. You can drive people directly to the option to book a call, but you may find you end up on calls with lots of unqualified prospects.

#4 – Webinar Funnel

I love webinar funnels if you’re selling a mid- to high-value ($497+) digital product or service.

You drive traffic to the webinar opt-in page. Registrants join the webinar, during which you make an offer for your digital product or service. Registrants then get entered into an email sales sequence for 5-7 days.

#5 – Front End Mini Product Funnel

This is my favorite funnel of all time, and every business should have a front end mini product funnel.

You drive traffic to a lead magnet. On the opt-in thank you page, leads who opt in are offered a mini product ($27 – $97). The goal of this funnel is for the sales of the mini product to cover the cost of your ads, giving you an unlimited budget for lead generation.

Your business will die if it doesn’t have a consistent and reliable way of generating profitable leads.

The fact is every business has a lead and sales funnel.

It’s just some people are intentional about the design and results of the funnel.

It doesn’t matter which funnel you start with. All that matters is you start today.

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