Webinar Opt-in Page Mastery Unveiled

Did someone say romance Hey….”love” needs funnels too. Let’s dive into a Funnel by “Get The Guy” Matthew Hussey. The funnel kicks off with a free training – Dating WIth Results. This super clean webinar opt-in page is a masterclass in copy.

webinar opt-in page

The promise is right there in the title “Dating With Results” 

But it’s the pre-header and body copy I love.

“Transform Your Love Life and Start Turing Chemistry Into Commitment”

“Turn Chemistry Into Commitment” is a beautiful line. 

Take every opportunity you can to introduce alliteration or rhyming into your copy.

Matthew uses bold to draw attention to keywords in the copy. 

Remember, people scan, not read your opt-in page. 

Help them pick out the most important words on your page with bold.


Take some time to study the 6 bullet points outlining the content of the free training.


Each one is strong enough to stand alone as an opt-in page headline


And that’s how you should think when drafting your copy.


Matthew builds curiosity and excitement. 


He introduces frameworks, stages and 4-word scripts. He talks to pain points and desires.


Finally, he wraps up with avatar callouts to position his audience.


This is one hell of an webinar opt-in page.

And best of all…. simple to recreate for your topic…

Webinar Opt-in Page Swipe File:

SWIPE FILE – 0065 – Matthew Hussey – Webinar Registration Page 

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