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  • Twitter’s Gone X-Rated!
  • ChatGPT-4’s superlative failure: from prime to not-so-prime!
  • TikTok drops the mic with its ads transparency library!
  • A.I. for growth
  • Facebook Ads Review – 5 Minute Guitar Lessons – Facebook Ad to Mini-Product
  • Landing Page Review – 5 Minute Guitar Lessons – Mini-Product Offer Page
  • 8 ways to scale your Facebook ads without killing them

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L – Latest News

Twitter’s Gone X-Rated!

Brace yourself for the X-citing, X-traordinary, and X-ceptional tale of social media’s most audacious makeover!

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ChatGPT-4’s superlative failure: from prime to not-so-prime!

Stanford and UC Berkeley researchers unveil the alarming decline in ChatGPT’s responses! From genius prime number identification at 97.6%, it hilariously plummeted to a laughable 2.4% in just a few months!

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TikTok drops the mic with its ads transparency library!

It’s like a secret treasure chest full of valuable data to boost your campaigns and avoid the creative flops! Get ready to dive into the Commercial Content Library, and level up your advertising game on TikTok!

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A – A.I. For Growth

My worst fears are being realized. (And, it’s your big opportunity.)


I’m seeing a worrying trend and it needs to be discussed.


Advertisers are churning out the same turgent, lazy, and unimaginative ChatGTP copy.


You can tell ChatGPT copy a mile away and it stinks.


It’s dense, unemotive, and overly wordy crap.


I’ve been using A.I. daily in my business for over 2.5 years.


I love A.I. and I’m a massive believer in the opportunity it presents for online business owners.


The FACT is, it’s a horrible copywriter (as of today anyway!).


It’s great at coming up with ideas but it’s copy sucks.


As an online business owner good copy is your #1 asset.


It’s how you connect with your audience and move people to take action.


Yes, use A.I. to come up with ideas but the final copy needs your personal touch.


If you have unedited ChatGPT content anywhere in your funnel or front-end content rip it down today and redraft it.


Trust me you will see a big uptick in your conversions.


Which brings me to the opportunity.


We are about to be overrun by AI-generated ads, social content, and courses.


Far from doomsday. I think for once life is about to get easier.


Well-structured, engaging copy will stand out even more in a sea of ChatGPT puke.


Your takeaway. Become a student of great copy.


The best part. Your education is free. We see thousands of ads and offers every day.


Build your swipe file of killer copy so you’re ready the next time you need to polish some ChatGPT turd into a diamond.


Latest A.I. Tools

Elevate your content with the magic of AI-Powered Captions!

Effortlessly add perfect emojis and highlight keywords to captivate your audience, while our advanced algorithms generate accurate captions in 48 languages. It’s time to level up your content game and shoot for the stars

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Unleash the power of HD and let the pixel party begin!

Whether it’s fixing your embarrassing low-quality pics or making your content pop like a pro, this app will have you feeling like a digital wizard in no time! So why settle for drab visuals when you can level up with Remini’s transformative technology?

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The ultimate multitasking superhero that saves you from tab-tastrophes!

Say goodbye to chaotic workspaces and hello to productivity nirvana. With five tools in one, it’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your to-do list, making you the master of organization and the conqueror of tasks.

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U – Uplevel Ads


Here at are L.A.U.N.C.H. we love mini-products.


They are the number one way to attract high-quality, purchase-qualified, clients into your world.


Our favorite model is Paid Ad > Lead Magnet > Mini-Product Upsell.


The old-school way was Paid Ad > Mini-Product.


The challenge with the old-school model is you only have a single shot at making the sale.


With the Lead Magnet up front, you capture emails for up to 60% – 70% of opt-in page visitors.


Your mini-product is offered to everyone who opts in. 


And, because you have their email, you can send a 5/7 part email follow-up sales sequence.


Sure, you can sell directly from the ad, but it’s playing the game on hard mode.


And, with the rising cost of ads, we need to adapt our approach.


So what does the game look like on hard mode?


Let’s take a look at a Facebook ad driving people directly to a $47 mini-product.


I love how clear the primary promise of the ad is. 


For anyone who’s never tried, (or can’t remember) learning the guitar, the early days are excruciating.


All you want is to be able to move fast and for the chords to sound clear.


Everyone tells you that practice is key, but very few people tell you how to practice.


The opening line is a catcall to anyone struggling to learn the guitar.


Next, we see a “before-after bridge”. 


Here are all the negative things you’re currently experiencing……


And once you “take the challenge,” here are all the great things you’ll experience.


I like the use of the open loop – And that’s just in 11 of the 14 lessons. 


So what’s in the other 3 lessons? This will build curiosity and memorability.


The ad is then wrapped up with a 300% money-back guarantee.


Remember, the objective of the ad is to get people to the sales page, not to sell the product.


This is a beautiful ad template you can easily swipe and recreate in your ad campaigns.


Swipe File:


N – Now Launching


Here’s the above-the-fold section of the $47 sales page for the 14-day chord challenge. 


Let’s start with the name – 5 Minute Guitar.


People are lazy. 


They want you to guarantee their wildest dreams will come through, immediately without any work.


I love 5 Minute Guitar. The unspoken promise is clear. 


Your guitar dreams can come through doing just 5 minutes of practice.


The core premise of the ad is reflected on the sales page – slow and buzzy chords.


This is an important point. 


As you optimize your ads, you may find a mismatch between your ads and your landing page.

Make sure you keep the messaging aligned on both once you find your winning ad.


When you focus on a specific problem, it makes writing headlines easy.


“Confidently play with accurate, fast chord changes in just 14 days.“


The claim in the headline is then backed up in the subhead…


…“step-by-step system”….. “the ultimate practice routine”.


This puts people at ease that there is a proven path to follow. And that they can get the promised results.


If you don’t have a “Go From…To Statement”, take 15 minutes today to create a first draft.


Go from {undesirable state} to {desirable state}


Go from sounding like a beginner to confidently play the songs you love.


Check out the sales page swipe file for even more inspiration for your own high-converting mini-product offer page.


Swipe File:


C – Conversion

Does your Facebook ad performance crash when you try to scale?


There’s nothing worse. It’s finally working. Your campaign is crushing it. 


You decide to go all in and up the spend….only for the campaign to crash.


Here are 8 ways to scale your Facebook ads without killing them:


The problem with horizontal scaling is that it can quickly lead to a high cost per acquisition and a low return on ad spend. But vertical scaling focuses on increasing your budget to reach more people within your existing target audience.


1 – Master the art of dynamic creative optimization to keep your ads fresh, engaging, and high-performing.


2 – Conduct frequent audience research to ensure you’re messaging is triggering your Perfect-Fit Client to take action.

3 – Don’t go for the sale straight away. Design a funnel that provides value up front and win your Perfect-Fit Client’s trust. Don’t ask for marriage on the first date!


4 – Use lookalike audiences to reach people who are similar to your existing customers and most likely to convert.


5 – Test different ad placements and formats to find the ones that work best for your audience and objectives.


6 – Monitor your campaign performance closely and make data-driven decisions to optimize your budget and ROAS over time.


7 – Use retargeting ads to re-engage people who have shown interest in your product or service in during your top-of-funnel campaigns


8 – Consider hiring a Facebook ads expert to manage your campaigns and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.


So now you know the 8 steps, which one are you going to implement first? Hit reply and let me know.


H – Hot Take


If in doubt, back yourself…


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