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L – Leads

A “no hype” opt-in page 


If you have an online course or membership business, you need to grow your email list.


The quickest and easiest way to grow your email list is with Facebook ads.


But……Facebook ads cost money.


And it can be scary pumping cash into your ads and waiting until your next launch to figure out if you’ll get a return on your investment.


Enter the Front End Mini-Product.


The funnel looks like this:


If you are a long-time follower of L.A.U.N.C.H., you will know this is one of our favorite funnels.


In fact, helping people launch profitable Front End Mini-Products is a huge part of the work we do in our Ad Agency and the Lead2Launch Coaching program.


And, here is a beautifully simple example of a Front End Mini Product from Stu McLaren.


This is Stu’s primary evergreen lead gen funnel.


No hype, no crazy claims, just some A+, straight-talking, problem-solving, avatar-focused copy.


As I always say, the bigger you get, the less specific your primary promise needs to be.


But as big as Stu is, his ads will still end up in the feeds of people who have no clue who he is.


And, as these ads run all year round the opt-in and upsell must be converting.


In some ways, this goes against a lot of best practices.


It isn’t specific about the number of steps.


Apart from “profitable” it doesn’t have a specific defined primary promise, 


It isn’t wrapped in an attractive “container” (blueprint, step guide, cheatsheet).


It doesn’t give a timeline for implementation.


And it doesn’t explain how once you possess this knowledge, you will get the result you want easier and quicker than otherwise.


He does, however, use language that will instantly resonate with his audience:

  • Launch a successful and profitable membership site
  • build a successful membership around what you already know, love, and do.
  • reclaim your time and attract a community of paying members?


Sometimes, simple works. 


This is definitely an opt-in page template to stick up on your wall for your next funnel optimization session.

Opt-in Page Swipe Files:



A – A.I. Growth Prompts

How to create your own CustomGPT

Less than a year after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, they released a feature that instantly makes ChatGPT 1,000 times more powerful.  


That’s the ability to build your own CustomGPT and train ChatGPT specifically on your content, audience, and what’s working for you and your competitors.


This opens up massive opportunities when optimizing your ads, opt-in, and sales pages.


If you haven’t set up a custom GPT yet, here are some simple steps to get you started.


  • Set up a training folder


Create a folder to store all the files related to your CustomGPT. This includes Facebook ad data, opt-in page copy, sales sequence email copy, email stats, sales page copy, other high converting ad, landing page, and sales page copy.


Save everything as a .csv or .txt file to make it as easy as possible for the CustomGPT to read, understand, and learn your data.


  • Creat your GPT


  •  Click Explore under the ChatGPT logo in the top left hand corner of ChatGPT.
  • Then Create a GPT
  • On the next screen, click Configure
  • Give you GPT a name
  • Then tell it what you want it to do

Here are some sample instructions:


I want you to act as an expert copywriter and funnel CRO specialist.


You will be asked to draft and optimize copy for Facebook ads, opt-in pages, and sales pages


Your job is to maximize the profitability of the funnel while scaling the ad spend.


The primary audience is {enter audience details}


Always start first with the data provided in the knowledge section.


Where gaps exist in the data around the primary pain points, key motivators, and ultimate goals, please use your external knowledge to improve the profitability of the funnel.


Here are some guidelines to follow:

If you need more information or context, please ask.

If you run out of tokens, divide up your task into smaller chunks without losing the context of your tasks.

Offer advice and guidance if the user needs it, always providing relevant options.

Please draft all content in the voice of the copy supplier. 

If you see an opportunity to improve the funnel, please suggest it to the user with a brief overview of your proposal. 

If the user wants more information, they will ask you to comment further.



  • You can ignore conversation starters for now
  • Upload your .csv and .txt files to the knowledge section
  • In Capabilities, select all 3 options
  • Now go back to the top of the page and click on the + in the circle
  • Select use DALL.E and create an icon for your CustomGPT
  • Then click Save and “Only me” or “Only people with a link”

And BINGO that’s your CustomGPT set up and ready to go.


Like anything, a GPT will only be as good as the data it is trained on.


If you have years of Facebook ad data, extensive copy, and lots of client surveys, it will start producing great results straight away.


And, if you don’t have these yet, well, now is the best time to start gathering them.

U – Uplevel Ads

A profitable 24-word Facebook ad


Minimalist ad here from Stu. A minimalist ad for a minimalist funnel. 


Again, it’s almost as if this ad shouldn’t work. 


Like something a bored intern would throw together during their first week on the job.


And, yet, this ad has been running for just shy of a month. So, it must be doing something right.


The opening hook is strong. It signals who should pay attention, and it offers a desirable outcome.


Then, it skips right to the CTA.


A good hook can fill the A (Attention) & I (Interest) of AIDA. 


In this case, the D (Desire) is “scaling your membership”.


So, on a basic level, it still ticks all the boxes.


Every time I launch a Facebook ad campaign, I kick off with 3 lengths of ads.

  • Short (0 – 50 words)
  • Medium (50 – 100)
  • Long (100+)


Over multiple rounds of optimizations, my best-performing ads have always ended up either long medium or long-form copy.


But your mileage may vary.


Show short form copy some love and give this a try in your next round of copy.


Facebook Ads Swipe Files:

N – Now Launching

A sales page that uses fear for good


While the design of the Front End Mini Product sales page is simple, the copy kicks into top gear.


I love the headline – “Will Your Idea For A Profitable Membership Site Actually Work?”


Talk about striking right to the very core fear of anyone considering launching a membership.


And the 4 positioning bullets are beautiful. 


The headline lands a punch, with the overarching fear.


Then, the positioning bullets get more specific with the internal dialogue that expresses that fear.


If you are thinking about launching a new membership, one of these 4 fears, dressed up as questions, will be rolling around your head.

Headlines are the most valuable real estate on your sales page.


In the Lead2Launch Sales Page Blueprint, there are 15 sections every sales page should have.


That’s a lot of sections. However, I believe you should spend as long drafting your headlines (or longer) than you do drafting the copy for the 15 sections.


People don’t read every section of your sales page.


They scan the page, reading primarily the headings.


When they see a heading that is most relevant to them they dive in and read that section before getting back to scanning the page.


The headlines throughout Stu’s sales page are fantastic:


  • So, How Do You Ensure Your Membership Is A Success Right From The Get Go?


  • Learn The Secrets To Instantly Attracting Your Perfect Buyer

(Get My Proven Framework To Help You Explain What You Do So That People Buy)



This is definitely one for the swipe files:


Sales Page Swipe Files:


C – Conversion Optimization

Build ad campaigns that convert 

Buying an online course or membership is a journey.


Your buyers go through 3 phases.


Look at yourself as a sherpa, guiding your customers on this journey.


Here’s how to build Facebook ad campaigns that will lead your clients to the summit 


Let’s dive into the heart of your problem – not all ads serve the same purpose. It’s crucial to create ads tailored to each stage of your customer’s journey. So, let’s explore the stages, understand your audience, and build a winning strategy!


  1. Awareness: Your potential customers are browsing. Catch their eye with engaging content, be it a video or headline. Speak to the problem you help them solve. Tip: Offer value, be relatable, and focus on building trust!
  2. Consideration:  Now they’re interested! Show them what their life will look like once they commit. Make it clear how what you offer is unique and why it will work for them. Offer testimonials, comparisons, or a freebie like a webinar.
  3. Decision: Time to seal the deal. This is where you get into details. What they get and why that is important in helping them achieve their goals. Create a sense of urgency and make it easy for them to say yes, right now.


No one climbs Mt. Everest alone. You are your clients’ offer sherpa. Map the path they should follow, build trust and guide them to the ultimate transformation your online course or membership can help them achieve. You’re their guide to cheer them on and celebrate their wins.


H – Hot Take

Will the future be less digital?


Pssssst….. You’re on the right track….


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