Lead Magnet with a Mini-Product Upsell ChatGPT Prompt

ChatGPT Prompt Objective:

You’ve delivered a powerful workshop. Your audience goes crazy, they love it.

And you think to yourself….. Wouldn’t this make an awesome mini-product.

But what lead magnet could I use to promote my mini-product?

Well, fear not. We have the perfect prompt for you.

ChatGPT Prompt Outline:

Step 1 – Download the transcript of your workshop

There are plenty of ways you can do this, but the easiest is to upload the video to YouTube as a Private, Unlisted video.

Then go to your video:

  • Click the 3 buttons on the right side below your video > Show Transcript
  • Underneath the video above the description, click Show Transcript again
  • In the panel to the right of the video where the transcript displays, click the three dots and toggle time stamps
  • Copy the text of the transcript and past it into a Word or Notepad document and save the file.

Step 2 – Upload to ChatGPT

For this step you will require a premium subscription to ChatGPT.

Select ChatGPT 4 > Advanced Data Analysis.

In the message dialogue box, hit the plus sign and upload the transcript file.


Step 3 – The Prompts

ChatGPT Prompt 1:

(Upload transcript file)

Please confirm that you can read and understand the uploaded file from start to finish.

ChatGPT Prompt 2:

Thank you.

I want you to act as a master online business growth specialist and copywriting expert.

The attached file is a transcript from a video. This video will form a mini-product that we will sell for {price}.

The mini-product will be sold directly after people opt in for a lead magnet.

Based on the content of the video, we want you to design a lead magnet that will:

  • Be highly attractive to our audience
  • Will help our audience solve one major problem that is keeping them awake at night
  • Will get our audience to take one immediate step to solving their problem
  • Will position our audience so that they are ready to buy the mini-product

A good lead magnet has the following characteristics.

  • Solves one major pain point
  • Deals with one specific topic only
  • Provides practical, actionable steps for people to solve their problem
  • Promises a framework, process, cheat sheet, or step-plan people can follow
  • Guarantees a highly desirable outcome in the shortest time frame possible, with the least amount of work required
  • Makes achieving the outcome feel easy
  • Can be consumed and implemented within 15 minutes of downloading

The mini-product should feel like the logical next step someone will take once they opt-in for the lead magnet.

The mini-product can solve the next problem our audience faces or help them solve the same problem as the lead magnet but quicker, easier and with less effort.

Please suggest five outlines for potential lead magnets based on the above criteria. 

ChatGPT Prompt 3:

Thank you.

Please give a detailed content outline for each of the 5 Lead Magnet ideas provided based on the criteria.

Please include headings and a synopsis of each section of the lead magnet.

Please draft it in human language that will avoid all AI detection software.

Please draft it in a friendly and relaxed voice matching the style of the transcript provided.

The copy drafted should be at a 6th-grade or below level.

It is essential that the lead magnet positions our audience to purchase the lead magnet.

Please ensure that there is still a reason for someone to purchase the mini-product once they have downloaded the lead magnet.

ChatGPT Prompt 4

Thank you.

Taking lead magnet outline {number best LM outline} please draft a complete lead magnet that is ready for my audience to consume.

Please keep all the criteria given previously in mind.

ChatGPT Prompt 5+

Based on the outputs, you will need to ask ChatGPT to refine or redraft certain sections.

Here are some of my favourite requests:

  • Please expand section {x}
  • Please redraft section {x}
  • Please provide a detailed step guide for {x}
  • Please identify the primary issues people face when attempting {x}
  • Please create a practical and useful checklist
  • Please suggest visuals to accompany each section
  • Please convert this into a unique acronym based framework
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