Driving Opt-Ins to a Quiz Funnel Workshop Launch


I love simple opt-in pages

People feel compelled to write loads of “stuff” to drive opt-ins and increase conversions.

Often refining the core promise and making it as attractive as possible in as few words as possible will get you a better result.

Last week when I was rooting around Ryan Levesque’s Quiz Funnel Workshop Launch I came across a secondary opt-in page.

This page was built specifically for JV Partners. 

This is a great play by Ryan. It makes it easy for partners to explain a simple value proposition, “18 Proven Quiz Funnel Templates,” rather than a multi-part Workshop.

When people opt-in for the templates, they immediately get offered the Workshop. It’s like an upsell from one “free thing” to a higher value “free thing”. 

It works best when the higher value “free thing” requires more input and effort from the requester, and there is a longer timeline to achieve the outcome.

If you can’t condense the reason, someone should opt-in to your lead magnet into a headline and 1-2 lines of text you will struggle to convert.

Some key takeaways:

  1. 18 – Use of number – makes it specific. 18 is an unusual number. This makes it seem more authentic. 
  2. PROVEN – This speaks to the likelihood of success.
  3. TEMPLATES – Also speaks to likelihood of success. And it also decreases the perceived level of work required on behalf of the optee (optee – is that really a word?! It is now!) 
  4. QUIZ FUNNEL – This opt-in page is targeted at people who are aware of the problem (I want more leads), aware of the solution (quiz funnels are suitable for lead generation), and possibly the product (I want to or I have launched a quiz funnel). As a result, I give Ryan a pass on having no transformation in his title.
  5. FREE – Notice the prominent use of the word FREE. Not only is it all caps it is also highlighted in orange
  6. BONUS CASE STUDIES: For people at this stage of awareness, finding out how other people have implemented their Quiz Funnels is extremely helpful. But guess what…. It is also a great way for Ryan to demonstrate how fantastic his coaching program and software are. This means he can sell and serve at the same time.
  7. CTA – Transformative CTA’s, in general, will convert better. Still, as there was no transformative promise in the headline or body, Get the Templates FREE!, rounds out the page nicely.


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