A curiosity invoking quiz opt-in page

quiz opt-in page

As a L.A.U.N.C.H. subscriber you know we love a good Quiz opt-in page. Well, Amy Porterfield has just launched a new Quiz so we had to dive in.

So here’s a good Quiz opt-in page example. Interesting approach here from Amy. 

The primary promise of the Quiz is to discover if you are one of the 3 types of people who could replace their income with a Digital Course.

Then as the main above-the-fold image, she blurs out the three types.

This is sure to build curiosity. Which will drive people to sign up for the quiz.

It is also potentially a big waste of really valuable above-the-fold real estate.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this page will convert really well for Amy but I would urge caution with this approach.


Directly below the hero section, Amy reverts to more standard practice.

In fact, if I were to see this section above the fold, I wouldn’t have asked any questions.

Amy really cuts to the core of her audience’s desire with the headline.

Could ONE Digital Course Realistically Replace Your Client Work? Your 9-5 Salary?

We’re a big fan of alliteration. However, in this headline, I would remove “Realistically”.

Could ONE Digital Course Replace Your Client Work? Your 9-5 Salary? 

This version Is shorter, snappier, and easier to understand. 

A word like realistically may spark skepticism in the reader. Skepticism leads to distrust.

Elevating your quiz opt-in page conversion rate involves crafting compelling questions that engage your audience and strategically placing persuasive calls-to-action. Implementing A/B testing and analyzing user responses will help refine the page, ensuring an optimized conversion journey for increased participation and lead generation.

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