Webinar Strategies: How Reciprocity Drives High Attendance

Webinar Strategies: How Reciprocity Drives High Attendance

Want low-cost, high-quality, profitable leads… 

…that snap up your offers?

This is the most powerful psychological principle you can trigger.

It’s called Reciprocity and here’s how to use it…

Reciprocity is the foundation of modern direct-response marketing. when someone does something nice for you, you naturally feel obliged to return the favor, right? 🤗 That’s the power of reciprocity in action! 💪

Reciprocity is one of our deepest evolutionary instincts. One of the keys to our ancestors dominating the wild. The more benefit people got from the pack, the more they wanted to contribute 🦍

Step 1 – Attract 🧲 – Share a high-value lead magnet. Design the lead magnet to solve a big problem. The Bigger the pain points the more attractive. The bigger the pain point, the more reciprocity triggered.

Step 2 – Nurture 💆‍♀️ – Send opt-ins an email sequence showing them how to get the result they want. 5-7 emails are perfect. But remember no one cares about you. They only care about themselves and their problem. Help them solve it. 

Step 3 – Mini-Offer 🤏- Make an offer for a mini product ($17 – $49). You’ve delivered value. You’ve demonstrated your understanding of their pain and how you can help them. You’ve earned the opportunity to make a small ask.

Step 4 – Engage 😍 – enter them in your ongoing email sequence. Share client success stories and case studies. Show them that you care, understand, and want to help them. Make lodgements into your relationship bank account.

Step 5 – Launch 🚀- Deliver a free masterclass or webinar. Build lots of anticipation and expectation in advance. Demonstrate you are the person to help them achieve their dreams. Max out reciprocity and make your primary offer. 

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