Webinar Registration Optimization: Strategies Behind Webinar Opt-In Pages

Webinar Opt-In Page – Above The Fold


Webinar Opt-In Page – Pop Up


Webinar Opt-In Page – Registration Bucketing Question


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Attack Conventional Wisdom. Counter cultural arguments are extremely powerful. Even non-conspiracy theorists love when conventional wisdom is wrong. People respect others who challenge the status quo. People also hate when they feel they have been lied to or there is some hidden truth that has been kept from them. This headline is very compelling. They have triggered curiosity, suspicion, and FOMO. This is one of the best ways you can get people to register for your webinar or lead magnet.
  • This Masterclass is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time – I love how they have verbalized the evergreen nature of the webinar and portrayed a potential negative in a positive light.
  • Once you enter your contact details there is a 2nd step to the registration process. If this question was asked up front it would reduce the conversation rates significantly. As people have already entered their contact details and committed to the process there will be very little fall off with the request for extra info. However, that info is massively valuable. Based on people’s answers you can now have 3 different sales sequences which focus on the specific situation of each avatar. Everything from hooks, challenges, emotional drivers, outcomes and testimonials can be tailored to speak to the specific avatar. This is guaranteed to increase your sales during your follow up sequence.

3 Elements We’d Test:

  • We’d test removing the support and login menu. Any distraction is likely to reduce conversion.
  • There is some debate as to whether video increases or decreases on page conversion rates. It is likely that Ocean has tested the registration page with and without the video trailer. If you are including video on your registration page I would definitely test: Voomly https://www.voomly.com/. There are plenty of tools with similar functionality but this pops a registration form when a video gets to a certain point. 
  • I’d test with and without the social sharing icons in the header and sidebar. Unless you are getting a significant number of shares and these shares are producing registrations I would take these off. They are not driving people to register for the webinar. I would set up a test that removes them from the opt-in page but adds them to the thank you page. People will be more likely to share once they have registered. One question I have is….How many people are willing to admit having or being worried about type 2 diabetes and sharing it openly on their social channels?


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