Winning Ad Copy for Webinar Opt-in Conversions


This week’s deep dive: Don Millar’s Business Made Simple Coach Certification Funnel! 

So buckle up buttercup and let’s explore a multi-million $$$$ funnel.

What to copy:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with short ad copy. I always start my campaigns with short, medium, and long-form ad copy. Having reviewed hundreds of Don’s ads, he is a fan of short/medium form copy.
  • Drafting short-form copy forces you to distill your primary promise into its most potent form. I start with short form and then expand rather than cutting down my long-form copy.
  • Don opens with a question, this is a good hook mechanism. It instantly positions your audience and grabs their attention. The questions speaks to the primary pain point of most coaches.
  • Raising a counterintuitive / countercultural point is a useful copy mechanism to provoke interest. I love how simple Don’s message is here – exposing the build it, and they will come fallacy.
  • Great use once again of the 3/5/7 Secrets/Steps


What we’d test:

  • Overall this is a solid ad. I have no doubt it is converting well for Don. A word of caution, however, if you don’t have Don’s brand and guru status, you may need to work harder.
  • There is very little in the way of transformation in this ad. Profitable, sustainable growth is abstract. I would test copy that connects with the life a Business Made Simple Coach would like to live.
  • While the ad calls out the primary pain point, it could be more powerfully positioned through a story. For example, tell the story of a coach or even from Don’s early days in business when he didn’t have a proven process or model to follow.
  • Insert a quote from a frustrated coach who was struggling to make ends meet
  • The CTA is wrapped up with the primary promise. I would prefer to split these out and add an additional line with a more prominent CTA. People need direct instruction. Tell them the steps they need to take. 
  • Go negative with the headline – Avoid These 3 Mistakes


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