Mastering Facebook Ad Reporting for Course Creators

Mastering Facebook Ad Reporting for Course Creators

Facebook ad reporting and analysis can be a real pain in the ass.

But, without good reporting, you’ll never run profitable Facebook ads.

And, you’ll struggle to grow your online course or membership business.

Here’s your Facebook Ad reporting cheatsheet

Ad reporting and analysis is the key to unlock the full potential of your Facebook campaigns. Dive deep into data, identify patterns, and optimize for future success! Here are 4 actionable steps to nail it.

Step 1 – Set up custom dashboards: Create custom dashboards in Facebook Ads Manager, tailored to your goals. Here are my go-to metrics to track – CPM, CTR All, Outbound CTR, CPL, CPA & ROAS.

Step 2 – Review copy and creative performance: Study your top-performing ads, breaking it down by Headline, Creative & Body Copy. Form theories for why each component is performing so well and document both winning elements and winning combinations

Step 3 – Review audience performance: When starting, use Ad Set Budget optimization to test different audiences. Start with at least 3 audiences. Make notes of which ones perform best and which creative elements work best within each audience.

Step 4 – Always be testing: Always have a number of structured tests running at all times. You will rarely hit a home run straight out the gate. Be methodical and structured. Formally report your hypothesis and results for each test.

Step 5 – Optimize based on results: Identify the winning combination of ad creatives, copy, and targeting. Allocate budget to high-performing ad sets and make incremental improvements to underperforming ones. BE PATIENT. Great campaigns take time.

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