Leveraging Lead Magnets for Profitable Membership Launches

Discover how to leverage lead magnets effectively for profitable membership launches. Explore strategies for optimizing lead magnet opt-in pages and crafting compelling Facebook ads. Learn from successful examples and gain valuable insights for maximizing your membership launch success.
Leveraging Lead Magnets for Profitable Membership Launches

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Simple Lead Magnet Opt-in Page for Your Next Launch


Not all opt-in pages need to be a work of art.

Especially if you are everyone’s favorite Rich Dad…..

…let’s take a look at Robert Kiyosaki’s crypto membership funnel.

Wait, did I just mention the disgusting “C” word. Hell yeah, I did.

And you better get used to hearing about it because 2021’s hot topic is about to resurface.

Anyway, that’s a topic for a different newsletter!

Robert started talking about crypto and, more specifically, Bitcoin in 2020.

That’s important when we come to some social proof on the sales page.

Robert definitely falls into the “expert” who makes money online.

Rather than the slick marketer who sells knowledge online.

As his name precedes him, he doesn’t need all the fills.

This is a super simple opt-in page built in Kartra.

3 Elements To Inspire Your Offer Page:


This is a basic page, but Robert hit the fundamentals –

  • Headline
  • Sub-head
  • Body + 3/4 Bullet points
  • Image
  • CTA


  • Headline

I love the headline “Decrypting Crypto”. 

Robert speaks to potential investors’ primary fear, frustration and desire. All in just two words.


  • Upside-down opt-in form

Traditionally, the opt-in form is below the body copy.

In this case, Robert keeps the form at the top of the right-hand column.

Looking at the page, the two big selling points are i) Robert Kiyosaki ii) free.

With a strong brand and clear offer, giving people the option to opt-in as quickly as possible is a great idea.

Something we can definitely test on our opt-in pages. 

Opt-in Page Swipe File


Decoding Facebook Ad Strategies for Lead Magnets

ad to lead magnet

3 Elements To Inspire Your Facebook Ads:


  • The power of questions

Questions work on many levels. 

Firstly, they engage the reader. 

We are conditioned to respond to questions. This is one of the great copywriting hacks.

If you match the questions in your audience’s head, they will instantly think you understand them and will feel drawn to you.

They start conversations in your audience’s head and lead them deeper into the rabbit hole.

“How do you begin to profit from them?” 

As a question, this is far more powerful than telling someone they could profit from Bitcoin.


  • Stoke the pain, promise the pleasure

Problem, problem, problem…..


“It can be profitable once you understand them”

“It’s not hard once you learn the basics”

“…profit in the new world of crypto.”

Remember, an undisturbed prospect will not take action, no matter how glorious the positive upside is.


  • Make digital physical

If you are offering an eBook or digital product, it is always a good idea to depict it as a physical product. This may be in the form of a book or a box.

This makes the intangible tangible and increases the value proposition.

 Facebook Ads Swipe Files


Membership Sales Page Optimization Strategies

Membership Sales Page Optimization

3 Elements To Inspire Your Sales Page:


  • Quick links

There are 15 sections every sales page should have.

3 or 4 of these pages are high priority. Link to these pages from the header of your sales page.

Make it easy for a prospect to find the information they need.

Always have a header link to jump straight to the pricing block so people who are ready to buy can do so quickly.

Then FAQ’s, pricing, success path, and your bio are all possible sections to link to.


  • Social proof

Remember as I said above, Robert only started talking about Crypto in 2020. 

His membership now has 3,500 members paying $87 per month.

$3.65 million a year in 3 years is a spectacular growth rate.

The subtle inclusion of the 3,500 members and 5/5 Star Rating is a great use of non-testimonial social proof.


  • Highlight keywords

Use bold and color to highlight keywords and phrases.

No one is ever going to read your entire sales page.

Make it easy for skimmers to understand key messages and points.

Robert does this in the headline with “Biggest Wealth Transfer”

That’s the dream of Crypto. 

Every couple of generations, there is an opportunity to get in on the ground level of something big and for the small guy to win big. (or so, the dream is sold!)

This is the primary promise of the membership.

This membership will share the tricks and hacks to create generational wealth without starting with a trust fund.

 Sales Page Swipe Files


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