Optimizing ChatGPT for Direct Response Mastery

ChatGPT is a horrible copywriter. There I’ve said it. However, it is an amazing impersonator that can help you easily unlock the art of direct response mastery.

Next time you are asking ChatGPT for copy, give it a famous copywriter to mimic.

Let’s say you are asking ChatGPT to draft a headline for your opt-in page.

Set your ChatGPT prompt up as normal. Here’s the previous library to choose from:

Then ask ChatGPT to refine the headlines in the voices of one of the direct response greats.

Here’s my go to list:

  • Eugene Schwartz
  • Gary Halbert
  • Joseph Sugarman
  • Claude Hopkins
  • David Ogilvy
  • Bob Bly
  • Clayton Makepeace
  • John Carlton
  • Ben Settle
  • Todd Brown
  • Jeff Walker
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Brian Kurtz

It’s scary to see how well ChatGPT can ape the voices of these copywriters.

The style and tone might not be right for your audience, but it is cool to see the different slants put on each headline by these legends of Direct Response Mastery.


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