High-Converting Mini-Product Offer Page Template

Mini-Product Offer Page

Here’s the above-the-fold section of the $47 sales page for the 14-day chord challenge. 


Let’s start with the name – 5 Minute Guitar.


People are lazy. 


They want you to guarantee their wildest dreams will come through, immediately without any work.


I love 5 Minute Guitar. The unspoken promise is clear. 


Your guitar dreams can come through doing just 5 minutes of practice.


The core premise of the ad is reflected on the sales page – slow and buzzy chords.


This is an important point. 


As you optimize your ads, you may find a mismatch between your ads and your landing page.

Make sure you keep the messaging aligned on both once you find your winning ad.


When you focus on a specific problem, it makes writing headlines easy.


“Confidently play with accurate, fast chord changes in just 14 days.“


The claim in the headline is then backed up in the subhead…


…“step-by-step system”….. “the ultimate practice routine”.


This puts people at ease that there is a proven path to follow. And that they can get the promised results.


If you don’t have a “Go From…To Statement”, take 15 minutes today to create a first draft.


Go from {undesirable state} to {desirable state}


Go from sounding like a beginner to confidently play the songs you love.


Check out the sales page swipe file for even more inspiration for your own high-converting mini-product offer page.


Swipe File:

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