Crafting Irresistible Facebook Ads to a Free Webinar

Simple ads work too….

Here is a very simple retargeting ad from Tracey Harris.


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • We do all the hard work to drive people to our launch opt-in pages with ads, but sometimes we need to remember the easy stuff. Based on the video script, “You were checking out registering for my Instagram mastery masterclass…” this is clearly a retargeting ad. Every launch should have a campaign that retargets people who visit the opt-in page but don’t register.
  • With a solid primary promise, you don’t need a complex explanation – 3 proven secrets for turning Instagram followers into paying customers.
  • [FREE] converts well. If you are offering a lead magnet, webinar, or launch workshop, always include at least one headline option with [FREE]. I’d bet good money it will outperform other similar headlines without it.


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