3 ways I use reciprocity to increase online course and membership sales without being slimy, salesy, or manipulative

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Ever noticed when someone does you a favor, you feel the need to return it? The feeling is called reciprocation.  Reciprocation is a strong psychological driver, and it’s the foundation on which the best lead generation and launch funnels are built. And because reciprocation only works when you give value first, you can never be accused of being pushy or manipulative. After delivering over 100 online launches, countless lead generation funnels, and over $10,000,000 in online sales, I’ve seen the power of reciprocation firsthand. Here are 3 ways I use it to sell more online: 

1. Offer something valuable for free

Your goal is to make your free content better than your competitor’s paid content. A lead magnet is a high-value resource we offer to people in exchange for their email address. When they opt-in, we not only have their email address, but we also trigger a feeling of reciprocation. By giving them something of value for free, they will be more likely to say yes when we ask them to make a related purchase later. The higher the value of the free gift, the greater the feeling of reciprocation.

2. Show them how to get maximum value from the freebie

If you can help someone take action to solve a pain point, they will be forever grateful. Just because you’ve given them a highly valuable resource doesn’t mean they will automatically get value from it. Draft a follow-up email sequence showing them how to implement the lead magnet and sprinkle in some additional gifts and surprises along the way.  If they get a result with your freebie, they will be instantly more likely to purchase your paid product.

3. Run a free masterclass

Running a free masterclass before offering your course, membership, or service is the foundation of an online launch. During the free masterclass you build excitement, demonstrate your ability to help your audience get a result, and trigger reciprocation. By delivering value in advance of making an ask you win people over and give them a taste of what it will be like to work with you. Whether you call it a workshop, webinar, masterclass, or challenge, the principle remains the same A properly structured masterclass is the key to maximizing sales during your online launch. The higher the value you freely deliver the greater your sales will be when you make an offer. There is no such thing as giving away too much value for free. But what you give away has to make it easy for your perfect fit client to get a result. No one wants more information, even if it is for free. But when you give your audience shortcuts, frameworks, and blueprints to achieve their desired result, they’ll love you for it. And, they’ll be way more likely to purchase your paid offers. 
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