Masterclass Facebook Ad Strategy Unveiled

Do yourself a favor. 

Hop on over to the Meta Ad Library and check out Amy’s recent ads. 

It’s awesome to see the big names go all out with their ad campaigns.

But here is one in particular that caught my attention for.

This ad is prompting Amy’s free Masterclass which was scheduled directly after the pre-launch Bootcamp.

Masterclass Facebook Ad Strategy

The opening hook straight away starts answering objections to launching a course:

  • Easy
  • Low-stress
  • Without big budget
  • Without big team

This is a great way to grab attention.

Then Amy goes into the big questions that people ask when considering creating a course…

(and if you don’t have real questions check out the A.I. Prompt above!)

“How will I find the people who need this course?”

“What if the tech is over my head?”

“What happens if I go through all of the trouble of creating a digital course, but no one even wants it?!” 

Then the resolution:

  • Not alone will I answer the question I’ll give you a NO-FAIL PLAN.

I now push all my clients to develop a workbook or guide to support their live launches.

This satiates people’s need for immediate gratification. 

People don’t like delaying the dopamine hit. 

This gives them something to hang their hopes on while they wait for the live element.

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