What Makes A Good Opt-in Landing Page Image?

A poor landing page image will kill your opt-in conversion rates.


Many course creators and membership site owners struggle with their Landing Page images.


Unlike SAAS or product-based businesses, we don’t have a demonstratable product. Generic stock photos will very often leave your opt-in page flat and uninspiring.


For knowledge commerce lead generation funnels especially where the business is personality-based, I find that a high-quality, well-shot image of the key person can work really well.


If that is not an option, my fallback is a visual representation of the lead magnet itself.


That could be an image of the Lead Magnet fanned out with overlapping pages or displayed on multiple devices like a Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


Your key to success is testing.


Always have split tests running against each other and a test plan in place. Often the images that I think will do best, tank and the ones that I think don’t have a chance end up winning.


And if you want to win at lead generation, make sure you check out some of my other videos on lead gen best practices for course creators and membership site owners.

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