Want Cheaper Leads?

If you’re an online business owner who is struggling to attract email subscribers from paid traffic.


Or more to the point you are getting opt-ins but at a price that is far too high.


Without knowing you, your business, your funnel, or your ads, but having seen hundreds of businesses just like yours I can tell you the first place to start.


People love geeking out about their Facebook audiences, ad copy, ad creative and obsess over their CPM and CPC but they forget about the most important part.


The part of the funnel that will have the biggest impact on your Cost Per Lead, and is your landing page.


Simply taking your landing page conversion rates from 25% to 50% can half your cost per lead.


When I am working with my clients, I always set a goal of a 60% conversion rate but at times we have gotten that up to as high as 80%.


Make sure you catch the rest of this series on landing page optimization and check out some of my other videos on lead generation best practices for course creators and membership site owners.

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