The tricky evergreen deadline conversation

The upsell from the lead magnet is to a $97 product reduced to $58.

Depending on how digital marketing savvy your audience is, be careful with the “only valid today” 40% discount.

It creates urgency and will drive conversions, but if a buyer sees the discount is still available in 3 months, they may start questioning your marketing morals.

This is a regular conversation I have with my clients. 

Evergreen funnels need some form of deadline.

Often, I will use my email follow-up sequence to create the deadline.

Other people use a series of disappearing bonuses. 

Others let the offer do the talking and don’t add a deadline.

Every time I’ve tested this, the version with the discount ending tonight has outperformed every other option.

The sales page copy does a great job of telling their story while making it relatable and outlining the transformation.

I’m Glen, and 5 short years ago, my partners Meg, Con and I were dirt broke, and struggling to get out of ‘200 view jail’ on TikTok and Reels.

But every day, we woke up early to shoot and stayed up late to edit. 

We did this 7 days a week for months on end.

Then, one day, we had a video go viral.

We realized we could take what worked about that video and apply it to the next one.   

So that’s what we did, again and again and again. 

Until we were able to get 100 million views in just 3 months on our channel @megandglen.

Check out the sales page swipe file.

It’s built on Kajabi, so it’s nothing fancy or crazy from a design perspective. 

But it does a great job of making this feel like a no-brainer offer. 

Offer Page Swipe Files:

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