Steal These 3 Lead Generation Hacks From Successful Membership Site Owners To Grow Your Online Business In 2024

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For years, I thought the best way to grow my business was to be the first to try the latest sales and marketing trends.

Now I know it was a recipe for disaster.

Instead, I now look for proven lead generation models that are working for businesses today.

And it’s made my life so much easier.

Here are the top 3 most successful lead generation funnels across all my clients, students, and community so far in 2024.

Hack #1 – Quiz Funnels

Quiz funnels are ingenious.

A good quiz funnel will produce a lower cost per lead than almost any other funnel. But that’s just for starters. You will also end up with a more engaged lead, and through the quiz the lead will tell you their exact pain points and how to sell to them most effectively.

You can still get a quiz funnel wrong, but when they work, they really really work.

Hack #2 – Webinar Funnels

Just when everyone is ready to write webinar funnels off, they surge back into popularity.

I especially love webinar funnels for evergreen sales. Unlike other funnels, the minimum price point for a webinar to work is $497 a year or $47 per month. What I love most about webinars is your ability to optimize the funnel over time.

What I love most about webinar funnels is how quickly you can get them up and running.

Hack #3 – Front End Mini Product Funnels

If you‘ve been following my content for a while, you’ll know I’m a massive fan of front end mini products.

With advertising costs rising, every online business needs a way to recoup their ad spend before the bill hits their credit card. And that’s exactly what a front end mini product gives you. No more watching your ad costs rack up, hoping your launch in three months will get a positive ROAS. 

You instantly know if your ads are making money or not.

These are my top 3 funnels. 

But remember, the only bad funnel is the one that isn’t launched.

It’s all about getting started. 

And every funnel you build makes the next funnel quicker and easier.

So drop a comment below…. what funnel are you working on?

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