Optimizing Opt-in Pages for Conversions with a Minimalistic Design


You don’t need more words to convince people to take action. You need the right words.

This is one of the most economical opt-in pages we have seen here at L.A.U.N.C.H. HQ.

Yes, Frank Kern is a big name. Being a big name means you don’t have to work as hard to build trust and authority. But Frank didn’t back off on the persuasion with this opt-in page.

Some key takeaways:

  • The white space funnels our attention into the copy. There are no distractions. We don’t have to think about where to look next.
  • Frank Kern Live – Without a logo or branding, it was necessary to tell people who was behind this. This is also backed up with a small profile photo in the footer.
  • Getting to see Frank Live and possibly ask questions is a big deal in a world where pre-recorded, and evergreen content is common.
  • For your audience, you have to decide if live is positive or negative. Some people like being able to watch things in their own time. Others like being on live with the presenter. Whichever way you go, commit to it, and sell the benefit of that approach.
  • The specificity of the headline is compelling – $574K. When it is that specific, it adds an element of authenticity and believability.
  • “Last Month”, it wasn’t 6 months ago, it wasn’t one-month last year. It was last month. This tells you that it is a current trend. It makes you feel like you are going to get a jump on your competitors. This is fresh off the press. Maybe it is the silver bullet you have been searching for.
  •  The qualifier of “Email” makes this feel accessible. Everyone feels like they could send a few emails. Maybe I don’t need a complex funnel. Most people will know that they don’t have an email list as big as Frank’s, but what if, with my small email list, I could generate $20k?
  • “the opposite of what the Experts Say” Counterintuitive approaches are compelling. Going against the grain makes people feel smart. It is one of the reasons why conspiracy theories take off. People want to feel like they are more intelligent than their peers. Counterintuitive logic draws people in. 
  • Then Frank stresses the LIVE component. As it is live, Frank gives the time and date. 
  • Interesting to note California time rather than the traditional (PST). I have no idea why Frank did this. Do people find California specifically interesting? With the tech and start-up scene centered in California, could that be seen as a plus? Maybe, but if you live somewhere cool, you could test this out. I’ll ask Frank the next time I see him!
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