Look To Make Your Profit On The Back End…

Want a profitable online business? Well, this is for you.


Course Creators and Membership site owners will always struggle to be profitable on the front end with Facebook Ads.


Sure, it can be done but your funnel and your offer need to be absolutely bulletproof.


The key to your long-term success is to focus on customer lifetime value.


And what this means is that you always have a logical next step for your perfect-fit client to take.


When you have ever-increasing levels of value to offer them once they become a client then you will increase the amount that they spend with you over their lifetime.


Remember that for every group of clients there are 20% who would be willing to spend 5 times more than they did if you put an appropriate offer in front of them.


Once you have figured out your backend conversion rates you can be comfortable paying more to initially acquire a client.


To catch the rest of this series on lead generation, business growth, and launch strategies, make sure you check out my other posts. See you in the next video.

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