Strategies to Attract More Coaching Clients for Your Business

  • The assessment grades your business across 7 key metrics and helps you “Unmask hidden profit killers in only two minutes” to give you clarity on the health and scalability of your business. The promise is clear and unambiguous. After just 2 minutes, you will get your results and, with it, have identified what is holding you back from scaling.
  • On your assessment results page, you are asked to schedule a results call. Book-a-call funnels and assessments are made to go with each other. The biggest problem I have seen with the book-a-call funnel is the purpose of the call doesn’t align with the next steps of the person opting in. With an assessment, you can offer a deep dive into the results, plus from a sales perspective, you have all the data you need to close the person into a coaching program.
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