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L – Latest News

Google is removing 4 attribution models for Google Ads and Analytics starting May 2023.

The change has garnered mixed reactions, but fear not – existing conversion actions will automatically convert to the data-driven attribution model. Read on for more details and get ready for some attribution modeling mayhem!

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Meta is set to release new generative AI ad creation options in the second half of this year

The system would allow advertisers to create entire campaigns with a few images and copy notes, leaving the heavy lifting to Meta’s AI systems. Read on to find out more about Meta’s latest AI developments.

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Apple may drop support for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X with the upcoming iOS 17 update

Despite user outrage, this decision is beneficial as these models have already received more than five years of support, which is longer than what competitors offer, and may not provide the optimal user experience.

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A – A.I. For Growth

The ultimate chatbot for WhatsApp

This bad boy has it all: AI assistance, image generation, and audio transcription. And guess what? No signup needed! So why wait? Start chatting now and level-up your life with Chat Bling!

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One-click access to a team of AI agents

Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to super-powered team members who can help you with anything from finding images to coding like a pro. Download now and unleash the power of AI!

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Sick of those clunky, bot-riddled meeting apps cramping your style?

With automatic transcription and summarization, Krisp will have you breezing through meetings like a boss. Plus, with free unlimited transcriptions, you’ll never have to worry about running out of storage space for all those memos. So why settle for less when you can Krisp it up? Get it now for free!

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U – Uplevel Ads 

Our Ad today is from a company that has shaped the world of digital marketing we see today.

Guess we should sit up and pay attention.

Introducing none other than Ryan Deiss and the team over at Digital Marketer.

What’s unusual about this ad is its simplicity.

No grandiose promises of endless profits or finding the answer to life, the universe, and everything (which we all know is 42).

The ad simply identifies a #1 pain point and promises to fix it with some very tangible outputs.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. 

This is the starting point of an intelligent funnel! (more about that in the Now Launching section!)

 3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • If you have never run a marketing team, the opening hook may seem weak. But trust me as a marketing leader, this is one of your biggest headaches. What to measure, how to measure them, what info is useful, how to track them week by week, and how to design something that the team doesn’t spend half their work day measuring. Oh, and you can give it to us in a scorecard too. Well, that is just the icing on the cake. Remember the usefulness, relevance, and pain-solving potential of your Lead Magnet is far more important than any fancy copy you can write.
  • Bullet points help you say more with less. It would have taken hundreds of words to explain what they have packed into just 6 short bullet points. Again it’s the strength of the lead magnet that enables Digital Marketer to skip the explanation about why marketing departments need a scorecard.
  • As this is a practical tool, Digital Marketer produced a 1-minute walkthrough video for the ad. Sure, someone could recreate the tool based on the video walkthrough, but why bother. You can get it for free on the next page. For some lead magnets, a visual demo can be your best sales tool. Even if you have an information-based lead magnet, you could do a screencast with a video overlay and bring people through the key sections.

But the real genius of this funnel is in the next section.



N – Now Launching


Very simple above-the-fold opt-in page. You can see that most of the copy from the ad is featured on the opt-in page.

Honestly, this is a little lazy. But hey, when you are Digital Marketer you can get away with things like this.

The video used in the ad is also used on the opt-in page.

It may be that the Facebook ad above is retargeting visitors to this page:

…or other similar pages and blog categories. 

Ok, so what’s so intelligent about this funnel.

Well, that isn’t revealed until we click on the “Build Your Scorecard (free) >>” button.

That’s when you are presented with some segmentation questions.


Depending on which option you select you are redirected to a different thank you page.

  • One option goes to an Agency Accelerator program.
  • Two options go to a “Book a Call” page
  • One option goes to an upsell for an online course 

You can view each thank you page in the swipe files below.

If you have multiple offers at varying price points or you want to run a “Book a Call” funnel but only want to speak to the people who are suitable for your offer this is a great format to let people self-select the option that is best for them, and you.

C – Conversion Psychology 

Want to level up your Facebook Ad game? This one metric will dictate the success or failure of your campaigns. Let’s talk Outbound Click-Through Rate (OCTR). If you want to attract more leads or sell more digital products listen up… Let’s dive in…

OCTR measures the % of people who clicked a link in your ad that led them away from Facebook. Unlike CTR, which considers all clicks, OCTR zeroes in on outbound clicks. It’s crucial for gauging how well your ads drive traffic to your landing pages and offers. 🎯

A high OCTR means your ad is not only grabbing attention, but also driving action. If your OCTR is low, your ad copy or creative is not doing it’s job, or you’re targeting the wrong audienc. Time to optimize and boost that OCTR! 🛠️

Practical tips to increase OCTR:

  1. Clear & enticing CTA: Make it obvious what you want users to do (sign up, register, buy now). 📣
  2. What’s in it for them: Highlight what your audience gains by clicking through.💡
  3. Trigger emotions: Speak to your audience’s dreams and fears. Get them invested 💥

More tips for better OCTR:

  1. Experiment: A/B test headlines, ad copy, visuals, and CTAs to find what works best. 🧪
  2. Audience targeting: Refine your target audience for better ad relevance. 🎯
  3. Ad fatigue: Keep your ads fresh and update them regularly to maintain interest. 🔄

RECAP: Outbound Click-Through Rate is key for understanding how well your Facebook ads drive users to your offers. Increase OCTR by optimizing CTAs, showcasing value, targeting the right audience, and continuously experimenting. Apply these tips for better ad performance! 🚀


H – Hot Take


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 

Just do you…

What anyone else thinks of you (if they think about you at all) is none of your business.


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