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L – Latest News

Google just launched a new Ads Transparency Center

With this new hub, you’ll be able to learn all about the ads you see on Search, YouTube and Display. So, if you’re curious about the ads you’re seeing, check out the Ads Transparency Center today!

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Twitter’s messy attempt to wind down its legacy verified program has resulted in chaos

Legacy verified accounts don’t appear to have started disappearing yet, and technical challenges may prevent the quick removal of blue ticks at scale.

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Want to know how to double your audience on YouTube?

If you want to see outsized returns on your YouTube channel, check out this blog post and learn how to make the most of Shorts. It’s time to rock and roll!

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A – A.I. For Growth

Create a stunning website in just 20 seconds

It’s like having a personal web designer in your pocket, without the snobby attitude and expensive fees. So why settle for a mediocre website when you can have a killer one in just a few clicks? Give it a try and unleash your inner digital Picasso!

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Turn you into a content-creating machine faster than you can say ‘viral’.

With its powerful AI-generated content curation and engagement tools, you’ll be churning out content that’s so hot, your followers won’t know what hit ’em! Get on board with Replix AI and watch those likes and followers roll in like a digital tidal wave!

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Turn your ideas into a success story in a minute

With AI-powered content creation, SEO optimization, and basic analytics, you’ll have a beautiful landing page in just 60 seconds! Give it a try and start building that empire today! It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s waiting for you

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U – Uplevel Ads 

Cool strategy this week from Stu McLaren. You may remember a couple of weeks agao I shared ads for his upcoming annual launch of The Membership Experience. 

If you are interested in experiencing a top level launch or you want to learn about growing an online membership I would strongly recommend you register for the this workshop. Sign up for Stu’s free Membership Guide here and you will join the launch.

Anyhoo, I was looking at how Stu’s ad strategy was evolving and I came across a little gem.

 3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Make Your Ads Valuable: Not alone does Stu do an excellent job of teasing the value of registering for the FREE training. He shares two funnels in the ad itself. But he doesn’t go into detail. He shares the snappy name, and then he demonstrates how people applied the strategy and the results they have achieved. This makes the promise of the lead magnet real, concrete and specific without making it sound sleazy or you’re making stuff up – “How to make 6 figures a month in less than a year”
  • Make Your Clients The Hero Of Your Story: Sharing your client’s success stories will instantly build your authority without sounding big-headed. This shouldn’t be something you only think of when you start to write your ad copy. Instead, you should be continuously recording and refining your client success stories. Your goal is to build a database of success stories to pull from when the need arises.
  • Keep Things Simple: 9 funnels are a lot. Your audience could flip quickly into overwhelm. But Stu does something brilliant at the end of the ad. He simplifies it. “But here is what I want you to do. Watch the video, then pick just ONE.” This flips any possible overwhelming to – “Surely 1 of the 9 funnels will definitely work for me.”


N – Now Launching

“But wait”……. I hear you say. Isn’t Stu in the middle of his big annual launch? Why is he running ads to a separate opt-in? Well, this is where the strategy becomes interesting.

Here is the opt-in page you land on from the ad.


The primary promise here is clear. Register, and your will “Watch the Free Video Now”.

One of the big challenges running Facebook ads for a launch that happens in the future is delayed gratification. People opt-in, but they have to wait to have their problem solved until some time in the future and ain’t no one got time for that. I want all my problems solved right now (preferably without having to do any work!)

So let’s take a look at the opt-in thank you page:


Immediately after opt-in, people get an “upsell” to the free launch Workshop.

Even if they don’t take the follow-up CTA to save their seat on the Workshop, they will be added to the launch list and receive the launch email sequence.

One of the keys to pulling this strategy off is ensuring that the immediate freebie is closely aligned with the workshop topic. If you are interested in Funnels to grow your membership, you will also be interested in this Workshop.

Free Immediate Gratification > Free Delayed Gratification works on the same principle as Freebie > Mini Product. It takes resources to pull it off, and there is a chance that the conversion rate to the product being sold is lower; however, it should result in a lower cost per lead.


C – Conversion Psychology 

Facebook ads causing headaches? 🤬Tired of your ads being ignored? 😩 Let’s talk CTR: the metric that shows how clickable your ads are! 🖱️ Discover why it’s important, what it tells you, & how to boost it! 🚀

CTR = Click-Through Rate. 📊 It’s the % of people who CLICK your ad after seeing it. Higher CTR = more people engaging with your content! 🤯 But wait! Don’t be fooled by CTR alone. Always look at it alongside other metrics like conversions & CPC. 🧐 Let’s dive in!

CTR is a window into your ad’s effectiveness, particularly your copy & design. 🖼️ A low CTR? Your ad is not interesting to your audience. Time to tweak, experiment, & optimize to make your ads impossible to resist! 🎨

⚡ TIPS to increase CTR:

  1. a) A/B test! 🧪 Experiment with headlines, ad copy, images, & CTAs to find the winning combo.
  2. b) Focus on ad relevance. 🎯 Speak to your audience’s needs & desires to grab their attention.
  3. c) Use powerful visuals. 📸 Eye-catching images & videos can make your ad stand out.

⚠️ BIG MISTAKE: People often chase high CTRs without considering the bigger picture. 🖼️ High CTR doesn’t always mean high conversions. 🔑 Always track your ultimate goal (sales, leads, etc.) to ensure your ads aren’t just getting clicks, but also bringing RESULTS! 📈

RECAP: CTR is a vital metric for Facebook ads. It reveals insights about your ad copy & design. To boost CTR, test your ads, focus on relevance, and use striking visuals. 🌟 But remember: don’t get lost in CTR alone—keep your eye on your ultimate goal! 🎯 #CTRSecrets

H – Hot Take


Show don’t tell….

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