Landing Page from a 2% Conversion Rate to 81%?

13 words. That’s all it took. The landing page went from a 2% conversion rate to 81%.


I was so excited when we launched the funnel. I had engaged a big-name copywriter to draft copy.


This was going to be a mega-hit. We launched and the funnel flopped. I striped the ads and the landing page right back to the basics. Still crickets.


Finally, a change of 13 words on the opt-in page made all the difference. The conversion rate went from 2% to 81%.


You’re rarely hit a home run immediately. If you want results you have to work for them.


Conversion Rate Optimization takes time. Plan for it in advance. It’s worth the investment.


And, if you want to invest in yourself right now, check out some of my other videos on lead generation strategies for course creators and membership site owners.


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