How to stop inbox overwhelm as online business owner

Tired of drowning in your inbox? Discover how to conquer inbox overwhelm with SaneBox. Learn how to declutter your inbox and prioritize essential emails with @SaneLater, @SaneTomorrow, and @SaneNoReplies features. As an online business owner, reclaim your time and boost productivity with this invaluable tool. Say goodbye to email distractions and hello to efficient email management.
How to stop inbox overwhelm as online business owner

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t resist a good lead magnet.


Whether it’s 3 Simple Steps or the 5 Biggest Mistakes, you better believe I’m opting in.


However, over time, this wreaks havoc on your inbox.


It becomes impossible to tell the difference between essential business emails and marketing emails.


Of course, I could unsubscribe, but what if I miss out on something?


Well, here’s my secret weapon to cure my inbox overwhelm.


I’ve been using this tool for over 8 years, and I don’t know how I’d run my business without it.


It’s called SaneBox, and it is genius.


Here are the top 3 features I love:




Setting up SaneBox is easy. You connect your email service, and you are off to the races.


The first thing it will do is set up a @SaneLater inbox as a subfolder in your inbox.


I use the @SaneLater inbox for emails I don’t want to unsubscribe from, but I don’t want to be distracted by during focused work time.


You train SaneBox by dragging emails from your inbox into a subfolder.


Once you train SaneBox on a sender, all emails from that person will automatically go to that folder in the future.


Leaving you with an inbox cleaner than an intern on their first day.


@SaneTomorrow / @SaneNextWeek

It’s happened to us all. 


You’re rushing between calls and see an important email on your phone.


Curiosity gets the better of you, and you read the email.


Nothing urgent, so you say to yourself. “I’ll reply when I’m finished with my calls”. 


3 hours and 3 calls later, you’re fried, so you shut down for the day.


The next morning, you look through your unread emails but forget all about the opened email.


Well, no more. 


Simply drag an email into the @SaneTomorrow folder, and it will be resent to you at 7 am the following day, so it’s at the top of your pile.


A little less urgent, you can even set it to deliver at 7 am on Monday morning with @SaneNextWeek.


This is a super simple way to see all the emails you’ve sent to people who haven’t responded to you yet.


You shouldn’t run your business out of your inbox but this is an awesome way to see who hasn’t responded to you yet.

As online business owners, our most valuable resource is time.


We need every help we can get to defend against distractions and protect our time.


SaneBox does all this and more.


I’m not connected to or an affiliate for SaneBox, but as you can probably tell I’m a massive fan.


This tool has saved me hundreds of hours, if not thousands, over the years.


It’s cheap as chips and so easy to set up.


Check it out.

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