3 Principles To Profitably Grow Your Business in 202

3 Principles To Profitably Grow Your Business in 2024 (without stress, overwhelm, or FOMO)

3 Principles To Profitably Grow Your Business in 2024 (without stress, overwhelm, or FOMO)

Discover the top 3 principles to grow your business profitably in 2024 without stress, overwhelm, or FOMO. Learn how to reduce customer acquisition costs, maximize customer lifetime value, and dedicate time to AI and tech exploration. Simplify your business growth strategy and achieve remarkable progress.
3 Principles To Profitably Grow Your Business in 202

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If you run your own business, you’ve probably been feeling a little uneasy lately.

It seems like every day, there is a big AI announcement that’s going to revolutionize your business.

You’re suffering new technology and methodology FOMO like never before. Afraid your competitors will leave you behind.

Meanwhile, your business costs are through the roof.

Your staff costs are out of control (if you can find people to hire).

And your cost to acquire new customers is climbing.

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and built multi-million dollar businesses along the way, but I’ve never seen anything like the rate change we’re experiencing today.

So, if you’ve been feeling uneasy, it’s understandable, and you are definitely not alone.

While tactics and strategies may change, the good news is principles remain the same.

Here are my top 3 principles for profitably growing your business today (and tomorrow) without stress, overwhelm, or FOMO.

Reduce (And Eliminate) Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Without new leads, your business will die.

With advertising costs rising across all platforms, the old lead generation models are broken.

And let’s face it, no one wants more leads.

You want more paying clients.

A front-end mini product solves this problem.

Create an attractive mini-product you offer to all leads immediately upon entering your world.

The goal of this mini product is to cover your advertising costs and pre-sell buyers for your main product or service.

Maximise Customer Lifetime Value

For too long, the focus has been on acquiring new customers and clients.

Where many people fall down is they try to sell the same thing to the same people again and again.

Your customers are on a journey. Always have a next step for them to take.

I call this a Value Ascension Roadmap.

For every 100 people who buy a product or service, 20% would spend 5 times more.

Layer in ascending levels of offers to give your customers who want to spend more money with you the opportunity to do so.

Ideally, you want these offers to be subscriptions, which will stabilize your cash flow with recurring revenue.

Whether you’re a service, SAAS, eComm, retail, or product-based business, subscription-based digital products will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Give Yourself Dedicated AI & Tech Exploration Time

As a business owner, set aside at least 1 hour a week to explore and use AI and other technologies.

We are approaching a tipping point in AI and technology development.

We are about to go exponential.

The truth is you will never be able to keep up.

The good news is you don’t have to keep up with everything.

You need only focus on the small corner of the AI and technology world that impacts you and your business.

The fact is AI is overhyped in the short term.

But sadly, it is underhyped in the long term.

AI will be the biggest driver of efficiency and cost-saving in your business.

If you dedicate just 1 hour a week to playing with new tools now, you will be ahead of 99% of business owners.

And when the time comes, you will be ideally positioned to take full advantage of AI.

Your business has thousands of moving parts.

But if you focus on these three principles, you can simplify everything down to:

  1. Build a dependable, scaleable lead generation process that produces free clients from paid traffic.
  2. Retain those clients for as long as possible and always have a next step offer for them.
  3. Reduce the costs of running your business by leveraging AI and technology.

And remember, it’s a process. You’re not behind. You are exactly where you should be.

Focus on these three principles for six months, and you’ll be amazed at your progress.

How to stop inbox overwhelm as online business owner

How to stop inbox overwhelm as online business owner

How to stop inbox overwhelm as online business owner

Tired of drowning in your inbox? Discover how to conquer inbox overwhelm with SaneBox. Learn how to declutter your inbox and prioritize essential emails with @SaneLater, @SaneTomorrow, and @SaneNoReplies features. As an online business owner, reclaim your time and boost productivity with this invaluable tool. Say goodbye to email distractions and hello to efficient email management.
How to stop inbox overwhelm as online business owner

Here's what we have for you today


I don’t know about you, but I can’t resist a good lead magnet.


Whether it’s 3 Simple Steps or the 5 Biggest Mistakes, you better believe I’m opting in.


However, over time, this wreaks havoc on your inbox.


It becomes impossible to tell the difference between essential business emails and marketing emails.


Of course, I could unsubscribe, but what if I miss out on something?


Well, here’s my secret weapon to cure my inbox overwhelm.


I’ve been using this tool for over 8 years, and I don’t know how I’d run my business without it.


It’s called SaneBox, and it is genius.


Here are the top 3 features I love:




Setting up SaneBox is easy. You connect your email service, and you are off to the races.


The first thing it will do is set up a @SaneLater inbox as a subfolder in your inbox.


I use the @SaneLater inbox for emails I don’t want to unsubscribe from, but I don’t want to be distracted by during focused work time.


You train SaneBox by dragging emails from your inbox into a subfolder.


Once you train SaneBox on a sender, all emails from that person will automatically go to that folder in the future.


Leaving you with an inbox cleaner than an intern on their first day.


@SaneTomorrow / @SaneNextWeek

It’s happened to us all. 


You’re rushing between calls and see an important email on your phone.


Curiosity gets the better of you, and you read the email.


Nothing urgent, so you say to yourself. “I’ll reply when I’m finished with my calls”. 


3 hours and 3 calls later, you’re fried, so you shut down for the day.


The next morning, you look through your unread emails but forget all about the opened email.


Well, no more. 


Simply drag an email into the @SaneTomorrow folder, and it will be resent to you at 7 am the following day, so it’s at the top of your pile.


A little less urgent, you can even set it to deliver at 7 am on Monday morning with @SaneNextWeek.


This is a super simple way to see all the emails you’ve sent to people who haven’t responded to you yet.


You shouldn’t run your business out of your inbox but this is an awesome way to see who hasn’t responded to you yet.

As online business owners, our most valuable resource is time.


We need every help we can get to defend against distractions and protect our time.


SaneBox does all this and more.


I’m not connected to or an affiliate for SaneBox, but as you can probably tell I’m a massive fan.


This tool has saved me hundreds of hours, if not thousands, over the years.


It’s cheap as chips and so easy to set up.


Check it out.

3 Ways A Digital Product Will Help You Grow Your Business

3 Ways A Digital Product Will Help You Grow Your Business

3 Ways A Digital Product Will Help You Grow Your Business

Unlock the power of digital products to accelerate your business growth in 2024. Explore three proven strategies to leverage digital products, such as ebooks, online courses, and memberships, to boost revenue and profitability. Discover how digital products can multiply lifetime value, cover lead generation costs, and create recurring income streams for your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and drive exponential growth in the digital era.
3 Ways A Digital Product Will Help You Grow Your Business

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Want to grow your service, SAAS, eComm, retail, or product-based business in 2024?

Sure, you could do more of what you’re already doing.

But if that was going to get you exponential results, you’d already have the growth you want.

Instead of fighting against rising costs, talent shortages, and market changes…

…why not embrace change and let it fuel your business growth?

Digital products like ebooks, online courses, and, my favorite, memberships are taking over.

Digital product sales will cross $500 Billion in 2024 and are on track to hit $1 Trillion by 2027.

But it isn’t just online business owners that are benefiting.

I started designing, building, and selling digital products in 2012.

Since then, I’ve sold over $10 million in digital products.

All the way from 30-minute courses and ebooks for $29 to $20,000 coaching programs.

Here are 3 ways you can use digital products to shortcut your business growth in 2024, no matter your business type.

Multiply Lifetime Value and Revenue Per Customer

You already have a captive audience.

As a customer, they have demonstrated an interest in the “problem you solve”.

Creating a community, membership, or digital product around “the problem” will open up a new untapped revenue stream.

All without cannibalizing your existing product/service range or killing profitability with heavy discounts.

As you’ve already invested in your Customer Acquisition Costs. 

Your digital product will act as a profit multiplier.

Cover The Costs of Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

A digital product has almost 0 cost of incremental delivery.

This makes it the perfect low-cost lead generation and customer acquisition tool.

As long as you align your digital product with your primary offer, you’re getting paid to bring purchase-ready leads into your world.

Give Your Business The Gift of Recurring, Compounding Income

There is no better feeling in business than selling once and getting paid again and again.

Digital products give every business the opportunity to create a recurring revenue stream.

While knowing what $$$’s will be landing in your account in 6 months or 12 months time is sweet.

Seeing that revenue compound month after month as more and more subscribers join is even sweeter.

Subscriptions are the new normal. 

Netflix, Spotify, Disney, Adobe, and Microsoft led the charge.

It’s time for SMEs to catch up.

And, digital products are your fastest, highest-return, least-effort way to increase revenue and profitability in 2024.

The best way to learn how to launch an online course or membership

The best way to learn how to launch an online course or membership

The best way to learn how to launch an online course or membership

Discover the best way to launch an online course or membership with these essential resources. Get ready for your next successful launch!
The best way to learn how to launch an online course or membership

Here's what we have for you today


I love learning all the latest strategies and tactics for launching offers online.


Unfortunately, when I first got interested in selling digital products and services online, I had a hard time figuring out where to start.


So, if you’re interested in learning more about selling online, here’s the best way to get started.

Read This Book: 

LAUNCH by Jeff Walker


When it comes to launching, Jeff is the OG. 


Jeff’s book LAUNCH will give you a start-to-finish overview of the key principles of launching a digital product. If you have ever been through a big online launch, the chances are the person learned how to launch from Jeff or someone who learned from Jeff. 


I launched my very first digital product based on this book, and it brought in $180,000 in seven days, so it’s fair to say I’m a massive fan of the book.


Watch This YouTube Video: 

How To Plan An Online Launch (For Courses & Memberships)



I created this video to give you a detailed overview of the 5 phases of an online launch.


I share the planning tools, processes, and approaches I have used to deliver over 100 online product launches and sell over $10 million in digital products. I also share 5 tips to maximize your launch revenue and profitability.


This video will give you everything you need to plan and deliver your next online launch.


Subscribe to this Newsletter: 

L.A.U.N.C.H. Newsletter



If you are anything like me, you probably learn more from seeing something in action rather than reading about it. 


That’s exactly why I created the L.A.U.N.C.H. Newsletter. Each week, I break down the funnels and launch strategies of the biggest names in the online world. You’ll get backstage access to multi-million dollar launches as I take you full-funnel, all the way from Facebook ads and opt-in pages to upsells and offer pages. 


And, you’ll walk away with downloadable swipe files every week to inspire your next launch.


With these 3 resources, you will be one step closer to that life-changing launch.


Have I left anything out? Drop me a comment below if there is anything you would include in the list.

3-Step Framework for Building Profitable Lead Generation Funnels

3-Step Framework for Building Profitable Lead Generation Funnels

3-Step Framework for Building Profitable Lead Generation Funnels

3-Step Framework for Building Profitable Lead Generation Funnels

Here's what we have for you today


Lead generation isn’t easy. 

But it doesn’t need to be as hard as most online business owners make it.

Without a dependable source of leads, your online business will die.

The quicker you crack the lead generation, the easier your life will be.

I’ve built lead generation funnels that have generated hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in revenue with funnels for my clients.

Here’s my simple 3-step framework to build profitable lead generation funnels.

Step 1 – Create a highly attractive and valuable freebie

It all starts with a highly desirable freebie.

People will do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure. The best freebies solve a #1 top-of-min pain point for your perfect-fit client. The bigger the pain point you can solve with your freebie, the more attractive your perfect-fit client will find it.

The best freebies solve problems that keep your perfect-fit client awake at night.

Step 2 – Generate a consistent source of traffic

Now that you have your freebie, you need people to see it.

If you want to go quickly, use paid ads. If you’ve got more time than cash, go organic. Organic traffic sources like social media, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube are fantastic, but they take a long time to get up and running. Paid ads will shortcut the process. 

One way or another, an investment is required. You either pay with money or time.

Step 3 – Make a mini-offer immediately

The best way to ensure a profitable funnel is to offer a front end mini-product immediately after people opt-in for your lead magnet.

The goal of a front end mini product is to cover the costs of your ad campaigns. With your ad costs covered, everything you make after is pure profit. Imagine what your business would look like with unlimited free leads. 

Having a front-end mini product is the unfair advantage you need over your competitors.

Building a profitable lead generation funnel isn’t complicated with the right approach. 

But it is the biggest gift you can give your business.

And it is the edge you need to succeed.

Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

Unlock the secrets behind an Evergreen Membership Funnel and learn the 60-second sales copywriting hook formula, discover a high-converting story-based ad format, and explore an A++ evergreen membership offer page. Swipe files included!
Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

Here's what we have for you today


Your 60-second sales copywriting hook formula

Your 60-second sales copywriting hook formula

I love big-name copywriter funnels.

Yes, their copy will be awesome (you’d hope….right!).

But they’re close enough to the funnel game to have cracked their funnel structure too.

Let’s dive into a cheeky little membership funnel for one of the biggest names in copy.…

….Kevin Rogers – Copy Chief.


Discover How To Convert Skeptics Into Raving Fans In One Minute Or Less


A 60-Second Sales Hook… 


Need I say more?


Every marketer knows how important a strong hook is.


And most have spent hours trying to draft the perfect hook for an opt-in page or ad.


So yes the promise is clear and the problem being solved is a #1 pain point.


But what I love most about both the pre-head and headline is that it is timebound.


Now in the pre-header, it is time-bound for the subject. 


Your reader will be converted into a raving fan in one minute or less.


I read the headline as I will be able to create a sales hook in 60 seconds.


In both cases, we are being made feel as if this is a massive shortcut. 


It’s quick and easy and it removes a major pain point from our life.


And the real knockout punch is the quote from legendary copywriter John Charlton.


“Kevin is the GREATEST copywriter I know” 


This goes to show us that you don’t need a massive volume of social proof


You just need the right social proof.


Here’s the below-the-fold section. Painfully simple and impactful.


This page has instantly jumped into my top 5 opt-in pages I’ve reviewed.

It packs a punch but is simple and feels light.

There is some much you can take away from this for your opt-in page design.

Make sure you download the swipe files here:

Lead Magnet Opt-in Page Swipe File


A high converting story-based ad format


Yes, your ad copy should always focus on your audience.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your story.


Especially when your story reflects the struggles and ambitions of your audience.


I love how this is almost a mini-hero’s journey story.


  • I was a dead broke comedian, 
  • I discovered a joke formula that works as a sales hook
  • I thought it to others
  • Now, I earn more in a month than I did in a year
  • And I would like to show you to do the same


We can all follow this storytelling approach in our ads.


What story are you going to tell?


And here is a bonus, super short-form ad from Kevin. 


This is next-level copywriting.


For every lead magnet and offer, our goal should be to distill it down into 1 sentence.


A sentence that positions our audience describes the problem that it solves and the transformation it provides.


So much pain and disappointment could be solved if online business owners did this exercise before they ever launched a promotion, campaign, or offer.


Facebook Ad Swipe Files

An A++ evergreen membership offer page


This is a low-key funnel. 


There is no big push or pressure on the upsell


In fact, after opt-in for the lead magnet you are redirected to a thank you page.


On the thank you page, there is a button to find out more about the membership.


If I had one point for testing on this funnel, it would be to send people directly to the offer.


For me, this doesn’t do any harm, but it maximizes your conversion surface area.


Such a huge part of marketing is understanding the fears and frustrations of your audience.


Kevin does a great job of this below the call to action button.


He lists the 3 major frustrations and then gives the reader the alternative.


And instead, you want to walk the proven path to becoming a CONFIDENT, RESPECTED, PRO COPYWRITER, whose calendar stays booked solid with qualified, collaborative clients who respect both the craft and the copywriter… then, please, read on…


A proven path – booked solid – qualified clients – respect.


4 massive things that copywriters are looking for.


None of this is fancy copy. Look at how simple it is.


It’s power is how it displays a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of his audience.


Take a minute to do this exercise for your business now.


  • What are the three biggest frustrations of your audience (1 line description)
  • What is the dream outcome for your audience? (2-3 lines)


This is 80/20, $10,000 per hour work.


Crack this and you go a long way to building a profitable and rewarding online business.


Offer Page Swipe Files: