How to Identify Your Client Avatar and Attract Qualified Leads

How to Identify Your Client Avatar and Attract Qualified Leads

Getting specific on your front-end messaging requires intimate knowledge of your Perfect-Fit Client

Specific messaging is only beneficial when it hits your target client right in the feels.

Let’s see how ChatGPT can help you dial in your messaging.

The next few weeks will build on each other, so make sure you bookmark the chat in ChatGPT and create a working document to save the output.


Perfect Fit Client Avatar Deep Dive

I want you to act as an expert Market Researcher and client profiler.

Your job is to draft up to 3 detailed avatar descriptions for my Perfect-Fit Client (PFC).

My business helps {avatar niche/industry (e.g. online business owners)}

The number one pain point my PFC experiences is {primary problem}

I help my clients achieve {primary outcome} without {primary frustration / negative outcome}

Please draft a detailed description of up to 3 primary avatars for my business. 

In your avatar description, please outline what is at stake for my PFC if they don’t solve this problem.

Please also describe will my PFC’s life will look like when they solve their primary problem.

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