Driving Webinar Opt-in Excellence for Coaches


The funnel structure is:

  • FB Ad > Webinar Opt-in > On Demand Webinar + Coach Application

What to copy:

  • This is a very simple above the fold opt-in page
  • The CTA is clear
  • Outlining the “on-demand” nature seeks to appease peoples need for immediate gratification

What we’d test:

  • Unusually Don uses video on the opt-in page. I would test versions with and without video. In my experience video ont he opt-in page reduces conversion reates.
  • The Business Coaches Cheklist PDF, eventhough valuable, is confusing and leads people in another direction. Stick to one call per action per landing page. I would test a seperate funnel for the checklist or inlcude the checklist as a bonus for registering for the webinar.
  • Deliver a proven curriculum is a strong proposition. Scale your coaching business and get serious results for your clients are vague. Either the topic for the webinar needs to change or more specific hooks need to be found to explain how coaches lives will change once they have implemented what they learn in this video.
  • Add a subheadline, 1-2 lines of text and 3-5 bullet points in place of the video to get coaches excited about will be possible for them registering.


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