5 Facebook Ad Audiences To Double Your Online Course Sales

You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using these 5 Facebook audiences for your online course or membership launch campaigns.


Never let anyone tell you there’s “the best” audience for Facebook ads.


If you want a profitable online business, testing is key.


Here are 5 audiences to test during your next launch.


  1. Purchase Lookalike:

Build a value-based lookalike of people who have previously purchased from you.


  1. Lead Lookalike:

Create a lookalike audience of everyone who has previously opted in for your lead magnet.


  1. Video View Retargeting:

Retarget people who have watched 75%+ of a video on Meta over the past 180 days.


  1. Launch Opt-in Retargeting

Retarget people who opt-in for your launch during your open cart promotion.


  1. Sales Page Retargeting

Retarget people who visited your sales page but did not buy. 


And remember, the message for each audience is different. Use what you know about the audience’s past behavior.

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