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Tired of snoozefest news apps that treat you like a passive reader?

Take charge of your news with witty AI summaries, bid farewell to clickbait, and now, enjoy news delivered with the smooth stylings of Snoop Dogg and the zen vibes of Gwyneth Paltrow! It’s like getting your news with a side of swag and a dash of enlightenment, all in one hilarious package.

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Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes with AI-powered marketing automation on steroids.

Hyper-precision targeting and four layers of bounce detection mean you’ll reach the perfect prospects, not the rejects. Now, go crush it with charm and revenue!

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The kick-ass AI video creation platform that transforms your words into epic videos

Unleash your creative genius and turn your words into blockbuster videos with AI magic, making James Cameron jealous of your language versatility in 120 freaking languages!.

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Bummer, Threads is down for the count!

Mark Zuckerberg’s new social media platform, Threads, has lost over half of its users in just days! Read on to find out why this Twitter rival is struggling to retain its audience, and what hilarious excuses Zuckerberg gave for the plummet.

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OpenAI is playing the trademark game like a pro!

Unravel the mystery behind OpenAI’s filing for ‘GPT-5’ – Is it the future of AI or just a sneaky way to protect their cool name?

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Meta ad revenues skyrocket 12% leaving Microsoft and Alphabet in the dust!

With Meta’s double-digit growth, layoffs, and shuffling the deck, they’re proving that less staff and more engagement mean more money! Time to dig into the earnings reports and see how these tech giants are stacking up!

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