Your Top 3 Facebook Ad Metrics And How to Improve Them

You’ll never run profitable Facebook ad campaigns without this skill.


But it’s a mystery for most people.


For profitable Facebook ads, you need to know your key metrics and how to improve them.


Metric 1 – On Page Conversion: 

This is how many people who visited your landing page took the action you wanted.


To optimize, we must promise we have a proven path to solve a major pain point that gets the result our audience wants quickly and easily.


Metric 2 – Cost Per Lead

This is how much it costs you to acquire an email address.

To optimize, we need to have a highly clickable ad and a high on-page conversion rate.


Metric 3 – Cost Per Acquisition: 

This is your number 1 metric. How much it costs to acquire a customer.


To reduce our CPA, we need to optimize our CPL and increase our offer page conversion rate.


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